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Msr. Turpin, A Fictional Character And A Personal Revelation

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Mrs. Turpin is self-absorbed nature person. She considers herself to be above those in lower social classes which people are labeled into different social classes. Her judgmental basically comes down to race and property. Since she and her husband, own a home and land with a hog farm makes her better than everybody else. She often praises Jesus for not having made her white trash or ugly by saying, “If it’s one thing I am… It’s grateful. When I think who all I could have been besides myself and what all I got, a little of everything, and a good disposition beside, I just feel like shouting. “Thank you, Jesus, for making everything the way it is!’ It could have been different!” Also, because she is white, she judges herself superior to black people even though they might own property. Mrs. Turpin is far from perfect, but she is happy to be who she is.
Even though Mrs. Turpin is already “saved” because of her Christian faith, she needs a revelation from Mary grace to realize that her world view is unreliable with her Christianity. Mary Grace’s is clearly as the symbol of grace in the short story. She is a college student with harsh acne and has been making faces nonstop at Mrs. Turpin. While Mrs. Turpin is having a conversation with Mary’s mom, Mary continues to lose patience and keeps staring at her. Then Mrs. Turpin speaks about Mary Grace "I know a girl ... whose parents would give her anything...”. Later one she, thanks God for making her white and privileged. Soon after Mrs. Turpin said that Mary Grace throws the book, "Human Development", at Mrs. Turpin, which hit above her eye. Almost immediately after the book is thrown, Mary physically attacks Mrs. Turpin by strangling her neck. After all this happen, Mary is lies on the floor, Mrs. Turpin ask, “What you got to say to me?” and Mary responds; Go back to hell where you came from, you old wart hog.” Mrs. Turpin finds this comment very disturbing, and she wonders if it may have been a message from God. Mrs. Turpin thinks that god may be trying to intervene in her life....

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