Muhammad Ali: The World’s Greatest Boxer

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One Day in Louisville Kentucky an African American boy was born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. on the 17th day of January in 1942. Chances are you and many others have heard of Cassius who started his boxing career at the age of twelve. By age seventeen almost one hundred and eighty pounds and a tall six feet in height he was crowned with the nations Golden Gloves heavyweight in the light division. Prior, while only fourteen years of age he held the title of Golden Gloves heavyweight light division for his home city of Louisville (Wilson). Cassius Clay has the boxing record of a champion where he won the heavyweight championship of the world for the first time in 1964 while only a young man at twenty two years of age. Cassius went on to win in the year 1974 and 1978. Marcellus total fights were sixty one with only five losses and fifty six wins. Clay has thirty seven knockouts to his credited fights. So just who is this person Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.? He “Floats like a butterfly, he stings like a bee. He refused to fight in the Vietnam War… so whom would he be?” (Dawn11).
Even though Ali’s boxing career started out as Cassius Marcellus Clay, he is known as the great Muhammad Ali changing his birth name after changing his religion to become a member of the Nation of Islam in the early sixties. “GG” (Myers2) was the nickname given to Muhammad as a baby because his parents stated he always repeated “gee, gee, gee, gee” (Myers2). Once a teenager and after winning the title of being the champion of the Golden Gloves he told his family he was letting them know that he was to be the Golden Gloves champion (Myers). Clay’s boxing career started early as a child once he had his bike stolen which infuriated him to the point that he told the reporting policeman that he would whip the person who took his bike only to be told by the police that he had better learn how to fight if that was his intention. The policeman became Clay’s boxing teacher. Clay learned fast and trained harder like none of the other younger kids. Cassius read his name in the paper as a teenager for the first time which excited him because he realized he was becoming famous. By age eighteen, he was traveling out of the country to fight where once he met his idol Sugar Ray Robinson whose treatment towards him was a great disappointment. Clay decided he would never mistreat his fans and try to show love and appreciation towards his fans when meeting them. “No matter how high I climbed the ladder of success, I was going to view the world without looking down on anyone” (Ali and Ali32). Clay became an Olympic gold medalist before he was the famous great Muhammad Ali. Cassius fought in Rome when he sited his first poem. Clay shouted “I am the greatest, I shoot up the world!” (Ali and Ali37). Clay became known as the great boxer who not only fought great fights but sited great poetry. Once a Muslim, Muhammad studied with Malcolm X in 1963. Ali compared himself with the great Martin...

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