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Mulan As The Woman Warrior Essay

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Mulan as the Woman Warrior

Many movies have gotten their theme or content from books and novels.

One of them being the story of Mulan, which originates from the story of a Chinese

girl who grows into a women warrior. In my reading of " The Woman Warrior", there

is a tale of a warrior who has the name Fa Mu Lan. The mother tells the story of Fa Mu

Lan to her children , one child stating " Instantly, I remembered that as a child, I had

followed my mother about the house, the two of us singing about how Fa Mu Lan

fought gloriously and returned alive from afar to settle in the village." I felt that this story

is being used as important tale in the teaching of the Chinese, and proving to them

that they could be so much more than a man's slave or even some man's wife. Many

Chinese families have tales to tell to their kids in their childhood up bringing, and some

of these lessons stick with them throughout their life, shaping them to be the kind of

men and women they would soon become.

These stories and tales can influence children to make the right decisions in life.

In Disney's version of Mulan, it sets out a clear moral to the children, portrays their

cultural expectations, and changes some of the norms of Chinese history.

The movie of Mulan, depicts Mulan to be a very attractive, but also a clumsy girl,

who always seems to be disappointing her father, no matter how hard she tries not to.

Her family tries to marry her off, but when she goes out to see the woman who matches

the women with the men, she makes a disaster of everything by making the woman fall

flat on her face and even manages to catch the women on fire. When the war starts and

her father gets drafted , she realizes she could that she is afraid to let her father go, in fear

that he may not survive. She steals is suit and goes off in his place pretending to be his

son. This specific part of the story revealed one of the themes to me, which is courage.

This proved to me that women are not made to be slaves, but yet are able to risk their

lives for their fathers, like Mulan did. I see Mulan as being very brave in this movie, and

this picture also enabled her to be a role model for children, by allowing them to

understand that if you mess up it does not mean you are a failure, but just that everything

is not meant for everyone. Mulan proved that she was not ready to get married, instead

wanted to prove herself to her father. She does this by going out, disguised as a man, to

the war, doing a heroic job of saving the emperors' life. He father was afraid of this

because in China a women could be killed if she portraited herself as a man. Her father

did not want everyone to know in their village that his daughter had run off to war to

fight in a man's army. That could have gotten them both killed. But the outcome of

Mulan's story was a successful one....

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