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Mules Essay

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Mules are stubborn animals with a bad reputation. Looking closer, mules are not actually stubborn, but more intelligent and more efficient while working than both of its parents. Mules only seem to be stubborn because they act with their own needs and safety in regard. However, their reputation still exists and that hinders their abilities to succeed. In Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes were Watching God, Janie is represented as a mule in her first two relationships as she is forced to live under oppression by her husbands. The treatment of the mules by both Janie’s husbands directly correlates to their treatment towards Janie in order to show that although Janie is strong and determined inside, her social status on the outside prevents her from achieving her goals.

        Logan Killicks’ treatment of Janie is compared to his treatment towards his mule so that her subjugation can be shown in her first relationship. Janie expresses her feelings toward Logan about not only mules but herself when she says, “Whut you need two mules for? Lessen you aims to swap this one (27).” Janie is questioning the monogamy in their relationship because she is indirectly represented by the mule that Logan already has. While Logan sees mules and Janie as simple possessions, Janie is trying to show him that they are more than that. Janie is showing a bit of jealousy as well, just by questioning him about the mules, but because she is seen as a mere possession by Logan, she cannot receive the love she desires. Janie’s Nanny also tries to convince Janie that she is helpless in her world and needs to marry Logan when she says, “De Negro woman is the mule of the world as far as I can see (14).” This is showing another relation towards Janie’s undeniable relation towards the mule. She is affiliated with the animal and must accept it. Both their situations are alike and reaching their goals under those situations is impossible. Janie needs to be able to break free from her husbands as the mules need to rid of their...

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