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Mulholland Drive Essay

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The 2001 film Mulholland Drive directed by David Lynch is as thrilling as it is confusing to some people. As I watched it for the first time, I couldn't help but wonder the point that Lynch was trying to make was. To me, there was a comprehensible meaning to the story and it mainly involves the character Betty. Although, I later found out Betty was someone entirely different, Diane. Betty being a dream of Diane's is at the root of the story I believe Lynch was trying to tell. I see this film as a sort of cautionary tale. It is not so much a film about things not always appearing as they seem, as it is what happens when things do not turn out the way planned and a person gives up hope. By analyzing the character Betty/Diane at different points in the film it becomes a little more clear what the meaning behind Mulholland Drive is.
When the film started, bright and cheery Betty had just arrived in Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming a famous actress. She was optimistic, hopeful and almost certain that she would become a star. Everything seemed to fall perfectly into place for her. But after waking up from the dream Diane was negative, depressed and clearly not a famous actress. Diane probably dreamed she was on the path to becoming a famous actress because that was what she deep down wanted when she first moved to Hollywood. Betty symbolizes the failure that Diane feels in her life when it came to her career. Everything was so easy for Betty and so hard for Diane. I am sure that at one point Diane was probably just as optimistic about her life as Betty until the harsh reality of the real world hit her. Diane thought life would be easy.
Another harsh reality Diane had to face was her love life. Betty seemed to so easily get the character Rita to fall for her. Not so for Diane. Diane had feelings for a woman named Camilla who did not love her...

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