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The Logical Behind Multi Channel Marketing Essay

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There is a simple reason that multi-channel marketing is so important in today’s business environment, that is because brands need to be where their customers are, and today consumers have much choice, due to the proliferation of channels available. If that wasn’t reason enough to have a multi-channel approach, then consider that these cunsumers spend up to four times as much a single channel consumer.
If businesses expect to thrive in today’s world of connectivity, then they must accept that their most important asset is reaching and retaining customers. Expectations are higher than ever, and communities can provide the perfect outlet for customers to share their thoughts, opinions and needs. According to IBM’s research as many as 85 percent of users, say that social network sites influence them when making a purchase. By facilitating meaningful interaction between the companies and their customers, communities can supply another level of intelligence, improve customer satisfaction and therefore drive sales. Consequently, the allocation of resource, amongst each possible marketing channel, should be carefully considered in order to maximise marketing results.
Emphasis should be placed on the website, as this is the critical destination which should be reached as a result of all successful marketing activity. The use of web based data can provide the basis of allocation of resources between earned, paid and owned media channels to achieve the optimum outcome.

Create the Right Strategy
If you consider news reporting, this spans all of the social media channels in its attempt to interact with all of its constantly connected consumers, and demonstrates the benefits of an integrated approach. To enhance a business’s owned resources, such as website, video, images, and social media etc, the use of multi-channel media will boost the brands target audience.
The important benefits of using social media for marketing, are the shared link to content, and the detailed insight on the success of the campaign, both of which are often overlooked.

Optimum Use of Asset Allocation
Having historical data provides a vital insight to allocating resources successfully. If the strategy has previously been to concentrate marketing through Facebook, but without generating new content or promoting links to other platforms, consequently not producing any return on investment of the time and effort used, then a review of strategy is required. To make informed decisions using historical data, we can look at Google Analytics as an example of a success story using multi-channel methods. Google, having encrypted search,...

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