Multi Criteria Approach To Environmental Impact Analysis: In Case Of Messebo Cement Factory Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

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T Impact Identification
The first step of the MCA was impact identification that comprised identification of activities and environmental aspects that leaded to environmental impacts. The study was used the higher personnel of the factory and literatures as a source of data. The higher personnel were included two process managers from CRM and COK processing units and a deputy general manager of the factory. These interviewers had 10 to 16 years of work experience in the factory. The study was collected data using key informant interview (Annex 10 questionnaire II), site visit, structured questionnaire (Annex 10 questionnaire I) and literature review as data collection instrument. The higher ...view middle of the document...

In addition, these criteria focused on comparing and judging local scale impacts of the factory. Moreover, these are easily understandable by local stakeholders to analyze the considerable impacts of the factory and to judge them.
Table 2.1. Detail description of the adopted criteria and their value
Magnitude Occurrence Impact Detection Controls Legislation adopted
The size or the extent of the impact Frequency of the impact the degree of effect of the impact Sensing time of the impacts or the effect Controlling measures to the source of effect taking in the factory The status of complying with the countries standards
5 - severe 6-ontinuous 6- fatal to life 5-more than 24 hours 5- absence or no effective control 10- no meeting legislation or control limit
3- moderate 5-several times a day 5-health effects 4- within 24 hours 4- mechanism but not reliable 1- in compliance
1- low 4- once a day 4- affects flora and fauna 3- within 8 hours 3-control needs human intervention
3- once a week 3- resource consumption 2- within 1 hours 2-has in-built secondary control
2-once a month 2- discomfort 1- immediately 1- available and effective at source
1-very rare 1- negligible visual impact

Weighting criteria
Weighting criteria was taken placed by experts founded in Tigray regional state. The data collection method was structured questionnaire concerned on weighting criteria (Annex 10 questionnaire Ii). There were ten external experts selected from four sectors of the region where the factory is found. These experts were selected purposively based on their responsibilities, because these are major sectors in Tigray regional state that has experts to assess and control factories. During ranking, the six experts were from Tigray Environmental Protection, Land Administration and Use Agency (TEPLAUA), two experts were from Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs (BoLSA), an expert from Bureau of Urban Development, Trade and Industry (BoUDTI) and an expert from Bureau of Health (BoH). These experts are directly or indirectly responsible to assess and control industry in relation to environmental regulation. In terms of educational status 80% of the experts were master degree holders in different specialization fields. The experts’ working experience was 60% 1-5 years, 20% above 2years. The 90% of the experts were responsible to assess and control factory in relation to environmental issue.
The data gathered from the external experts was analyzed using Rank Order Centroid (ROC) method (Barron & Barrett, 1996; Edwards & Barron, 1994). The experts were gave their judgment on the weight of the criteria in a ranking method. The rank given by the experts was translated to weight (equation 1).
Through the equation 1, individual ranks were converted into individual weights for each criterion, and then calculated the average weight (Wi) for each criterion among each other. The results are decreased to three decimal places.
W_i=1/n ∑_(k=i)^n▒1/k i= 1, 2…,...


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