Multi Disciplinary Teams Essay

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Whilst on placement on an adult rehabilitation ward, I had the opportunity to work in partnership with a multi-disciplinary team and attended a multi-disciplinary team meeting.
Gorman (1998) describes a multi-disciplinary team as “…bringing together the wisdom and skills [and] …differing expertise, different value systems and different organizational hierarchies” of the various areas of knowledge.
Whilst on this placement, I have worked alongside and assisted nursing Sisters, staff nurses, auxiliary nurses, physiotherapists, consultants, clinical fellows and house officers.
I have assisted clinical fellows and house officers to insert a cannula into a patient’s vein. I have assisted the physiotherapist to transfer and mobilize patients. I have discussed the progress of patients with the physiotherapist.
I have assisted the auxiliary nurses with the washing, bathing, dressing and toileting of patients. I have also assisted staff nurses and sisters with their nursing duties, for example, dressing patient’s wounds, administering medications and injections, writing kardexes and care plans, participated in shift handovers and admitting and discharging patients.
There are many benefits of a multi-disciplinary team. One such benefit is a better quality decision can be made. Decisions regarding treatment can be very complex and serious. Decision-making using information from all members of the care delivery team ensures that important information about the patient is not ignored or missed.
Another benefit is that the allocation of roles and responsibilities is clearer and easier to understand when all of the team members are together in a meeting. Also, one team, one voice: the whole team working towards the same plan of treatment, speaking to the patient and their family with one voice rather than disagreement (Gorman, 1998).
Whilst on my placement on the adult rehabilitation ward, I attended a multi-disciplinary team meeting. Present at this meeting was the Consultant, two staff nurses, the physiotherapist and the occupational therapist. Each patient was discussed in turn. Each member of the team gave their input and perspectives about the patients.
The progress of each patient was discussed by the different members of the team, such as the status of the patient, questioning the success of treatments, results of investigations or the need of, and so on. The discussion would result in a conclusion, such as is a case conference required, is the patient...

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