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Multi Replica Data In Cloud Storage Essay

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The audit module is concerned with verifying the integrity of the outsourced data. It consists of four processes:
Challenge: In this process, the TPA challenges the CSP to verify the integrity of all outsourced replicas. The TPA sends c (number of blocks to be challenged; 1≤ c ≤ n ) and two distinct PRF keys at each challenge: k1 and k2. The pseudo-random function (PRF) keyed with k1 is used to generate c random indices which indicate the file blocks that the CSP should use to prove the integrity. The PRF keyed with k2 is used to generate yj random values that are associated with each random index j and are used by the CSP while generating the response. Then, the challenge set Q = {(j, yj)} ...view middle of the document...

m_ljis generated by the XOR combination of |∆_lj| original blocks as
m_lj=M_l1 ⨁▒…⊕ M_(l |∆_lj |). (8)
The data management sub-system is concerned with maintaining data dynamics, generating replicas and file encoding. It consists of three processes:
Modify: To support efficient dynamic operations, we utilize a map-version table which is an authenticated data structure stored on the TPA to validate the data dynamics on all file replicas. The map-version table consists of four columns: Index (j) , block number (Bj), version number (Vj) and timestamp (Tj). The index denotes the current block number of the data block mj. Bj denotes the original block number of the data block mj. Vj denotes the current version number of the data block mj which is increased by 1 each time the data block is modified. Tj denotes the timestamp used for generating the tag. The dynamic operations in our proposed scheme are preformed via a request in the form Modify(j, Op, m_j^*) where Op is the dynamic operation; i.e., 0 for deletion, 1 for insertion, and 2 for update. m_j^* is the new block value.
Replica Generation (ReplicaGen): This process is run by the data owner if s/he chooses the multiple replica version. It takes the number of replicas r and the file F as input and generates r unique differentiable replicas {Fi}1≤i≤r as shown in Figure 4. This algorithm is run only once. Unique copies of each file block of file F is created by encrypting it using a probabilistic encryption scheme. We utilize the Paillier encryption scheme [30] for replica generation because it is semantically secure and has efficient encryption complexity when compared to the Damgård-Jurik encryption scheme [31] as illustrated in Table 2.
File Encoding (RaptorEncode): This process is run by the data owner in order to support data recovery when s/he outsources a single-copy data file. On the contrary, we do not need to encode the file before outsourcing in case of multiple-replica data files, hence a server's replica can be reconstructed even from a complete loss using further replicas on other servers. RaptorEncode algorithm takes KeyPRF , outputs encoded file F', and works as follows: F = {b1,, …, bk}, bi is s bits, is encoded by an erasure code (pre-code) to obtain F'= {y1,…,yk}. Then, Choose a random s × s binary matrix A = [A1, …, As ]T where each A1 is an s –bit...

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