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Multicultural Couseling And Development Essay

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There is an importance of being a part of an organization that can assist in your ability as a counselor to serve your client in the finest capacity. Organizations with the American Counseling Association (ACA) are formed to assist counselors in being a part of organizations that interest them and are related to their fields or passions. There are three divisions within the ACA that are different in rhythm of purpose, but together form one sound that I desire as a counselor. The American College Counseling Association, Association for Multicultural Counseling and development and the National Career Development Association are three divisions within the ACA that will assist in furthering my skills and development as a counselor. These three division are diverse in purpose; however, their overall values are to assist a community of people in our society that desire to learn how to be better aids to those in need assistance.
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The Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD) is division within the ACA that will also benefit my practice as a professional in student affairs as well as to focus on the specific clientele of multicultural students that I am passionate about. Another aspect of my research proposal in my undergraduate career was an aspect of multicultural students and their college success. Joining this division would assist in tearing down any barriers that are between myself and any clients that I may have in my office who have a different background than my own. It will assist me in being comfortable to handle any situation that they are going through and need guidance with because I would have received the tools and information necessary to direct them towards the steps they need to take to reach their highest potential.
The National Career Development Association is another division within the ACA that will benefit my practice as a professional in student affairs as a result of my interest in career development. While completing an internship in Student Development during my undergraduate career, the Office of Career Development at my university interested me a lot. I enjoyed learning how to assist students in finding their majors and career choices. Although this may not be as prevalent in the counseling office at a university, students may come to me in need of assistance in reaching their goals as towards choosing a major, internship, or career. Career development is also something that outside of college counseling is appealing to me.
These three divisions interest me for various reasons, but serve the simple purpose of being able to the tools necessary to assist my clients in the best way that I desire and they deserve. They are divisions that give me research to further my development as an intellectual and offer the opportunity for me to grow as a counselor. They are my top three divisions, as I do recognize the value in the other sixteen divisions within the ACA, and I believe it will give me a stunning trio harmony that will form one sound of a solid and effective counselor.

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