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Multicultural Education: Strategies To Teach Multicultural Classrooms

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It is imperative as an educator to have strategies to teach multicultural classroom. Whether it is something as simple as having posters of all different ethnicities of children, or something harder like convincing parents to be open to your diverse teachings, it is important to try to create an anti-bias classroom blueprint. Teaching only dominant culture will hinder your students, and their families, from the ability to become and open minded person to challenge the world’s stereotypes. Challenges will inevitably ensue, but the willingness to overcome these challenges will be beneficial for everyone.
One way of implementing a diverse curriculum is through good literature. Make sure you have an ample supply of literature that shows many different races and cultures. This will help from making a child feel excluded. If homework is derived from multicultural based books, or if they are brought home, it is a bonus to hope that the child can then show their parents. When parents review the child’s work, they too may learn something from the lesson. Not only do books provide a great way to introduce multicultural elements, it is also a key tool for children to develop critical thinking skills. Analyzing a text, even if elementary, is a great way to cultivate active reading proficiency. If you teach to anti-bias books, the familiarity of different races or cultures will lessen the effects of negative stereotypes.
Encouraging students to be proud of their culture is a great way to reverse negative biases. By supporting your student’s traditions and culture, you are essentially giving them permission to have pride in their differences. Activities are a great way of applying encouragement to each student’s cultural difference. Have a cultural show and tell, or a story time about family traditions, are all ways to facilitate proud students, and educate others. If a child is excited about the differences they have, they are more likely to look forward to learning about what was “neat” about other’s culture. What is great about an activity like this, is that even if two students come from very similar backgrounds, everybody has a...

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