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        Culture is what we distinguish us as nations; one from the other, but it is also through culture that we can understand each other, as individuals. Through culture we can designate the borders, both real and imagined, which keep us apart. We recognize not only the ways we are different but also the ways we are the same. Our cultures are an essential part of our own understanding of who we are or where we come from. The designated borders by human beings which keep us apart are mainly symbols of different ideologies or the practice of different ideologies. State; is he superior power or a hegemonizing power. On the other hand, apart from the hegemonizing power, the concept of identity and human being's sense of identity are significant issues. To have purpose one must have identity and this identity is created from intermingling of cultures, memories and nationhood. Together all three shape us. "The nation, in fact, can be seen as a product of imagination. The opportunity to imagine one's fellow man and woman and to make common cause with them has created language, music, cookery, custom, ritual and shared religion among communities, so they identify themselves as nations."(Baumann, 11) Thus, think of the immigrant people who have left their countries, hometowns and settle on a different state for various reasons. How do they feel themselves on a different topography far from their motherlands? Do they come across a dilemma, which is named as identity crisis?

        Specifically, in Britain there are many minority groups who came from different countries and have different cultures. From this multi-ethnic society, Muslim community is one of the largest one and it is considered to be a marginalized one. It is a varied population, there are obvious cultural differences between them what they have in common is religion, rather than a culture.

        Therefore in this paper, only one group will be examined from this cultural heterogeneity of the Muslim community and this group will be the fundamental Muslims. They are not a normal group; they are pathological, considered to be a social conflict model. Muslim fundamentalists appear to 'stir up trouble' in the British society. According to its different sects, their way of behaviour changes. The Salman Rushdie Affair in 1989 was one of the events, which can help us to understand what are radical or fundamental Islam and the fundamentalists attitudes in a different society far from their own country, as a subcultural group.

        First of all, the actual meaning of multicultural is, "many cultures" (Baumann, 9) The multicultural society which I will concentrate on will be Britain, and modern day Britain can be called as a good example of a multi-cultural society, there are a number of different groups, all with diverse religious, cultural values and practices. There are fundamental differences, which distinguish...

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