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Explanation of design

On scene 1, a short opening of the storyline of the movie will appear gradually, using text and images with different effects like brightness, tint, alpha… The introduction aims to make a favorable impression of the movie and hence stimulate users' interest. Also, users can save time by clicking SKIP button to enter the MENU page.
The scene will stop at the image of the royal family tapestry, which at the same time is a button that gives users the choice whether to continue. After clicking the button, the image will divide from central into two parts and go separately to left and right as the background turning brighter, which creates a door-opening effect. The image is selected on purpose. In the movie, during a fight with her mother, princess Merida sliced the family tapestry between the pictures of herself and Queen Elinor in a fit of rage. The image is used as a foreshadowing to create interest and to build suspense about the rift between mother and daughter.
Then we will stop at MENU page. All the elements will jump into the stage separately while moving around and changing in sizes. Apart from the name and background image of the movie, there are different buttons, so users can control when and where they want to go next. PLAY and STOP buttons can turn on and off the background music. From here we can go to STORY, CHARACTERS, VIDEO and ABOUT ME pages. Each page contains a button to go back to the MENU page to head to other pages. To make it more user-friendly, at the left top of these pages, there is a consistent navigation bar which allows users to go directly to other pages without going back to MENU page.
Before entering STORY page, there is a brief opening. Here we intent to add funny elements to make it fresh and a bit naughty, at the same time bring out the main ideas of the movie. Background image comes in with spotlight effect and changing in brightness. The text “STORY” is break apart. The “O” coming in late and jumping like a ball, while the “Y” stretching out its arms lazily. The background is an image of princess Merida standing with her back to the viewers, looking toward the dazzling sunlight, which delivers the main message of the storyline: brave. This represents Merida’s great courage and determination of challenging old traditions and shows how she longs for taking control of her own destiny. The image also creates a mysterious atmosphere of the magical world in BRAVE.
The opening scene will not stop but jump right into the next scene and stop at STORY page. As we mentioned before, the STORY page will have a button back to MENU page, and a navigation bar to go to other pages directly. Also, from here we can go to other pages of the storyline.
The storyline will be introduced in four pages by text and graphics. At each page, there are back button and next button so that users can read the storyline gradually and control their reading time. Moreover, at the right corner of each...

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