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Multimedia Content Delivery Essay

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1. Introduction
Globally, people are increasingly accessing content as easier access to information continues to explode rapidly. People not only access content (be it text, audio, still images, animation, video or interactivity content forms) but are themselves the producers of more and more digital data and with this comes a host of problems like content management, content reuse based on consumer and device capabilities, protection of rights and from unauthorised access or modification, privacy protection of both providers and consumers, etc [1] [2].
MPEG’s vision was to make sure that the players in this field (content providers) could create compatible products (compress, depress, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, its goal can be summarized as “defining the technology needed to support users to exchange, access, consume, trade and otherwise manipulate digital items in an effective, efficient, transparent and interoperable way [1].”
2. MPEG – 21 “Multimedia Framework”
There are two concepts here which have been newly introduced. They are [1]:
 Digital Item – they can be considered as the “what” of the multimedia framework
 Users interacting with Digital Items – they can be considered as the “who’ of the multimedia framework
A user is an entity that interacts in the MPEG – 21 environment or makes use of the Digital Item whereas the Digital Item can be a video collection, music album, video content on any platform, etc i.e. it is the fundamental unit of transaction and distribution within this MPEG – 21 framework. There are seven areas here that need to be explained in order to understand this framework better. They are [3]:
 Digital Item Declaration
 Digital Item Identification and Description
 Content Handling and Usage
 Intellectual Property Management and Protection
 Terminals and Networks
 Content Representation
 Event Reporting
Figure 1: MPEG – 21 Organisation – Parts (Picture Credit [6])
From [11], it is clear that the activity status of parts 1, 20 and 21 are still open and they need to be defined. As for the remaining parts, their activity status is closed and they have been clearly explained as to what is it that they do. The main parts 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 are explained here in detail while the rest of parts are touched upon.
2.1 Digital Item Declaration (DID)
 Purpose [3]: A set of hypothetical terms and concepts are defined here that are required to form a model for describing the Digital Items i.e. DID was necessary for the consumers to have a clear model and a structure to represent the Digital Item in order to exchange mixed media in an interoperable manner. The goal of this model is to be flexible and general because it serves as...


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