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Computers have come a long way very fast since there start in the 1940's. In the beginning they were mainly used for keeping financial records by banks and insurance companies, and for mathematical computations by engineers and the U.S. Military.

However, exciting new applications have developed rapidly in the last few years. Two of these areas is Computer Graphics and sound.

Computer graphics is the ability of the computer to display, store and transmit visual information in the form of pictures. Currently there are two main uses for this new ability. One is in the creation of Movies and the other in Computer Games. Computer visual information is also increasingly being used in other computer applications, such as photographic storage, and the Internet.

Computers can also store, transmit and play back sound.

When a picture or a sound is stored on a computer it said to be digitized. There are two main ways of digitizing a picture. One is by vector graphics. Here the information in the picture is stored as mathematical equations. Engineering drawing applications such as CAD (computer assisted device) use this method. The other method is by bit mapped graphics. Here the computer actually keeps track of every point in the picture and its description. Paint programs use this technique. Drawing programs are usually vector mapped programs and paint programs are usually bit mapped.

Computer sound is handled in two different ways. The sound can be described digitally and stored as an image (wave format) of the actual sound or it can be translated in to what is called midi format. This is chiefly for music. In a piano, for instance, the information for what key to hit, for how long ad at what intensity is stored and retrieved. This is kind of like the way and old player piano worked.

Computer graphic applications in the beginning were developed
on large computes. The computer hardware and software
were developed by individuals and groups working independently.
These projects were very expensive and carried on by large companies and investment groups. Applications which only a few years ago would have cost millions of dollars, can now be run on a desk top computer with programs costing under $100.

It is the purpose of this paper to research and examine several areas of computer multimedia by using a typical application programs in that related area.

These areas are:

Paint Programs - Photo Finish -Zsoft

3d Rendering Programs - 3d f/x - Asymetrix

Animation Programs - Video Artist - Reveal

Morphing Programs - Video Artist - Reveal

Sound Recording Programs - MCS music rack - Logitech

Midi Recording Programs - Midisoft recording Session - Logitech

Multimedia Programs - Interactive - HSC software

Paint Programs

        One of the fist paint programs was super paint. It was created by Carnegie Mellon Shoupe at Palo Alto Research Center. To demonstrate a paint program Photofinish by Zsoft will...

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