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The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia) was establish in 1996 with the aspiration of becoming global hub for ICT and multimedia innovation, operation and services and to transform Malaysia into a knowledge- economy and achieve develop nation status in line with vision 2020. The number of companies that have status MSC rise in 1994 to 1997 approximately 2000 companies join it. Malaysia is the nations that live by guiding in five years developments master plan. Providing the ultimate background to these programmes is Vision 2020, a national agenda sets out specific goals and objectives for long-term development which is related with MSC. The chief architect of this vision is Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Malaysians have responded robustly to his challenge to become a fully developed and knowledge-rich society by year 2020. The length of the Multimedia Super Corridor is 15 kilometer wide and 50 kilometre longs and call as ‘greenfield corridor’. MSC location starts from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) and down south to the site of the region’s largest international airport, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) which launched on the 27 Jun 1998. Putrajaya and Cyberjaya is the two of the world’s first smart cities that being developed in the corridor. Now Putrajaya is the new seat of government and administrative capital of Malaysia where the concept of electronic government. Cyberjaya become an intelligent city because have multimedia industries, R&D centres, a Multimedia University and operational headquarters to direct their worldwide manufacturing and trading activities through multimedia technology.

Besides, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is committed to drive MSC Malaysia by empowering business card and connecting communities through Information and Communication Technology (ICT). MDeC also facilitate Malaysia goals to becoming the location for ICT and multimedia innovation and services. Malaysia created the Multimedia Super Corridor to help companies in the world have the technology and make the companies prepare themselves for the future. Government sponsored initiative to create high tech business corridor in Malaysia. Its include information for companies, events, and press freedom.There are seven flagship in the MSC which is electronic government, smart school, Research and Development cluster, tele medicine, multipurpose card, borderless marketing and worldwide manufacturing web.
Multimedia Super Corridor Flagship

Electronic Government
Seven multimedia industries have been targeted for the development in 2000. It is rapidly catalyse the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) growth and accelerate Malaysia’s progress toward Information-Age leadership. These flagship applications are developed by government in partnership with businesses, and opportunities. Malaysia government has pledge to lead the country into the Information Age. Firstly, launched of electronic...

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