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Multimedia The Wide Spectrum Essay

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Multimedia The Wide Spectrum

In this paper, I will endeavor to provide you with a basic overview as to what multimedia consists of. I will also delve into the visual aspect in the wide spectrum of multimedia to show what it consists of and for a better understanding as to how it fits in.

Multimedia first began with games but Web pages, interactive courses, and catalogs with sound and video have now dominated the stage. Not long ago, the term “multimedia” referred to a room full of slide projectors, tape decks, and movie projectors. Multimedia presentations were hard to put together and even harder to run. Many of them took weeks of preparation and they were then shown only once (Curtin 217). The computer has changed all of that. With multimedia, it is easier to stitch together the various elements and, once finished, the multimedia presentation is available to be shown over and over again.

Multimedia is widely used in the entertainment and education fields. For entertainment, you can play computer games that seem almost alive with sound and motion. In education, interactive multimedia programs allow you to study and progress at you own pace and branch into areas of interest when you want to. You can even be a multimedia developer simply by using traditional office applications. Sounds and videos can be embedded in spreadsheet or word processor documents so when recipients click an image or click an icon they get and explanation of key points.

Multimedia has entered and clung to the mainstream because of its attention-holding capabilities and effectiveness. It is used everywhere from business presentations to museum exhibits. Holiday Inn, for instance, uses it to train employees. When they click on topics, the system “talks” to them. It has reduced training time on a new property management system from 14 to 6 days (Curtin 218).

Though history, and over recent years, various media have been developed that inform or entertain: paintings, books, magazines, newspapers, movies, radio, and photography ("Multimedia"). Using computers, multimedia fuses two or more of these media together on the premise that the combination is better than any of the individual components. Hence the term “multi” media. Multimedia can be used for entertainment, corporate presentations, sales presentations, education, training, kiosks, digital publications, electronic reference materials, museum exhibits and more (Geiken).

One of the earliest applications of multimedia was for games, and many people thought that was what multimedia was really useful for. There is no question that multimedia can improve the quality of games and this is shown through such creations as Playstation. In the end, it is that very game-like quality that can enhance a learning experience. Parents watching their children play innovative games see how powerful multimedia is at teaching them how to read or solve math problems even thought the children...

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