Multiparty Collaboration: Absolute Term In Sumatran Tiger Conservation

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Notation of Fifth Annual Meeting, Padang

The existence of the of the Sumatran tiger habitats that are mainly outside the conservation area, making the multiparty collaboration in the conservation of the Sumatran tiger becomes essential. More than 70 percent of the Indonesian last tiger habitats are protected forest areas and also production areas such as Forest Plant industry (HTI) and palm oil plantations.

The lack of coordination of the respective policy makers as well as the lack of communication and sharing of information between Government and private sector that are managing the concession area, makes Sumatran tiger conservation efforts outside conservation areas to be less than ...view middle of the document...

Optimization of cross-agency coordination in each province in Sumatra needed to be push through an increase in the role of the HarimauKita Forum Representative for each province in Sumatra.

In addition, updating information such as conflict scale in the island of Sumatra is also the recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the monitoring and handling of human with Tiger conflict. As for optimizing the protection of Sumatran tiger habitats, implementation of SMART-RBM as a patrolling tool across Sumatra is necessary to be encouraged. Some initiation to implementing SMART-RBM Patrol has already done collaboratively between PHKA, HarimauKita, FFI, WCS and ZSL in some Tiger Conservation Landscape (TCL) in the central and northern part of Sumatra.

Recent issues that currently threaten the sustainability of the Sumatran tiger population is the emergence of a disease caused by a virus, which had just invaded pets such as canine distemper. These viruses have been detected causes the death of the Siberian Tiger. Anticipation is needed to prevent the Sumatran tiger infected by this virus, given some indications have shown that there is a potential for the Sumatran tiger has been infected. In addition to viruses, some surprising findings include discovery of various parasites attack the Sumatran tiger. Some reports from Erni Suyanti, DVM when handling some tiger victims of conflict in Bengkulu and Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS) give valuable input.

To mainstream such diverse information, then on Annual Meeting occasion in Padang, formed the Core Learning Team (CLT) which is based on the strategic issues mentioned above. Each CLT contains a HarimauKita Forum Member with specific specialties. CLT have been formed is the Research/Monitoring with Yoan Dinata as Coordinator, Law Enforcement with Coordinator Abeng, Human-Tiger Conflict with Coordinator Nurazman, Wildlife Veterinary with Coordinator Wisnu Wardana, Awareness with coordinator Erlinda Kartika and Fundraising with Sunarto as coordinator.

The initiative of the Private Sector: Important Learning

In this opportunity, HarimauKita Forum also invited some of the private sector to present the tiger conservation program that already running in their concession areas. As it known, for this long, deforestation was the cause for the declining population of tigers systematically because of the loss of its natural habitat. The business practices of forests for plantations, industrial forest plantation (HTI) and also mining in Indonesia is far from friendly to the existence of wildlife that live in the area of concessions, the Sumatran tiger was no exception.

In this occasion, parties from the private sector that provides the presentation i.e. PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia represented by Ferdiansyah, and PT Tidar Kerinci Agung which is represented by the Executive Director of the Foundation Arsari Djojohadikusumo, Pratihari Catrini Kubontubuh. Ferdiansyah exposing Population monitoring...


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