Multiple Personalities Disorder Analysis

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Multiple Personality Disorders (MPD), or what has been re-classified, Dissociative Idenitfy Disorder (DID), is a deliberating and frightening illness for the DID individual; as well as their friends and family. The meaning of DID (Dissoiative Idenity Disorder) usually means that a person has more than two self-states or identities, which often times appear like entirely different personalities. When one is under the control of one identity, the person usually is unable to remember some of the events, but is able to keep other personalities in control.

A well-known girl with multiple personalities is one of many victims of this diagnosis. Many psychiatrist studied her behaviors, and learned from the documented history of her behaviors. Sybil's story was instrumental in developing the new psychiatric diagnosis: multiple-personality disorder,or (Multiple Personalities Disorder) M.P.D., known today as dissociative-identity. Another word for different identities is referred to as "alters". With this in mid, these different identities experienced distinct personal history, their self-image and identity, including separate age and name. The person with (DID) Dissociative Idenity Disorder may have as few as two alters, or as many as 100. Usually the average number is around 10. It is common for alters to remain stable over time, continuing to play specific roles in the person's life for years. Some alters many harbor aggressive tendencies, that is directed towards individuals environment or towards other alters of the person. It is the alter's job to protect the host personality from the memory of the trauma. Hence, it is necessary for all alters act and look differently than the host. At least two of the personalities continually takes control of the person's behaviors. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), in theory, is caused by psychological and neurological changes that results in the person dissociating, or becoming detached. This detachment is a love of one's sense of self and knowing who he is. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), like many psychiatric disorders, can range from mild to debilitating. Those with (MPD) Multiple Personality Disorder, has a strong dominant personality that influences the person's behaviors. Each of these personalities have a separate and consistent pattern of how they see their environment, with themselves and with others. When they are not in control of their body, each multiple has a different way of seeing inside of their mind. Some examples are, stages, tunnels, and houses, and levels. This is their internal houses, where these individuals go, when they are not out, or when they are hiding. (MPD) Multiple Personality Disorder has some symptoms that are noted. The mind of a multiple personality is like a roaming house where there is two or more individuals coexist. It is possible for the multiple to hear many distinct and separate voices, or different ages and talking at the same time. When...

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