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The Severe Disease Known As Multiple Sclerosis

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In the world of neurology, there are a vast amount of neurological disorders, conditions, and diseases. One severe disease is known as Multiple Sclerosis. In this research essay, I will be discussing what multiple sclerosis is, symptoms, causes, personal experience, and treatments.
M.S., as some would call it, also known as multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease. This disease, in particular, could also be viewed as an autoimmune disorder. It is not nearly as fatal as the sexually transmitted disease (AIDS), yet it can be just as debilitating. What exactly is Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the immune system malfunctions and begins to attack the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath is an insulating cover around the nerves. Myelin provides the nervous system with communication signals. Once the myelin starts to deteriorate, the signals providing specific voluntary movements become distorted. After the self-involuntary damage, scarring begins to form thus concluding the term, sclerosis.
Why does this self-inflicted deconstruction of the myelin occur? Multiple sclerosis is said to have genetic and environmental factors to its cause. Malnutrition and free radicals can all trigger a dormant M.S. gene in a person. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, What Causes MS, studies say that “Growing evidence suggests that vitamin D plays an important role. People who live closer to the equator are exposed to greater amounts of sunlight year-round. As a result, they tend to have higher levels of naturally-produced vitamin D.” In fact, vitamin D holds specific immune strengthening qualities. Make it a priority to remain nourished, keeping your immune system at optimal strength, thus preventing possible dormant diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.
There are many symptoms surrounding Multiple Sclerosis but which symptoms signify its existence in one’s life? Inflammatory symptoms are the most common ones. Blurred vision and episodes of partial blindness are some of the first symptoms to occur due to the inflammation of the optic nerves. Based on an article by Healthline Editorial Team, George Krucik, MD, MBA Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis, January 25, 2013, “Inflammation affects the optic nerve and disrupts a person’s central vision. This can lead to blurred vision in one or both eyes, double vision, or loss of contrast or vivid colors.”
Numbness and tingling of the limbs are also common symptoms. Since Multiple Sclerosis targets the central nervous system, no signals are dispatched down the spine creating numbness is multiple parts of the body. Healthline Editorial Team, George Krucik, MD, MBA Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis, January 25, 2013, states that “the spinal column (the body’s message center), it can send conflicting signals around the body. Sometimes, no signals are sent, which results in the most common symptom, numbness.”
Other symptoms include spasms. One spasm is known as the “drop foot.” A...

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