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Multiple Sclerosis Essay

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ULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS), A RATHER dangerous and painful disease, is the apple of many medical researchers’ eyes today due to its many fascinating, yet strange, properties.
Dankidoodle News held an exclusive conference with many of the leading experts in MS, including Dr. David Krafterion, Dr. Nicole Montelego, Clarissa Moreyes M.D., and Dr. Alex Kneece.
As Dr. Krafterion, a leading expert in biology and what he calls ‘cheese-brains’ says, “Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disease affecting the Central Nervous System, which are the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.”
Dr. Moreyes explained that MS’s main objective is to destroy the myelin sheath that insulates the axon of a nerve cell. ...view middle of the document...

As Dankidoodle News found out, MS is relatively widespread and the rate of expansion is slowly, but steadily, increasing. Currently, there are 1 to 3 million people worldwide with MS, but this rate is much larger in North America, West Europe, Russia, and Australia, where 1 in 2,000 people have the condition. The Canadian Collaborative Project on Genetic Susceptibility to MS found that over 30,000 families in Canada have at least one member with MS. Compounding on; MS occurs more often in areas of the global economic core, especially those core areas far from the equator.
However, those who permanently move to an area with a lower frequency of MS before 15 years of age will typically not have the higher risk of developing MS that they did in their previous home.
It is important to move out of a high-risk MS area before age 15 because MS is adult-onset, developing between the ages of 20 and 40.
Strangely enough, Multiple Sclerosis affects women to men in an almost perfect ration of 2:1, although it appears that men are more disabled by the disease than women are.
Although there is no known cause for MS, Dr. Montelego, who has conducted various experiments involving the disease, found that Vitamin D may hold a key to solving the puzzle. This is because Vitamin D supports the immune system and helps prevent auto-immune disorders like MS. Therefore, people living close to the equator, who receive the vitamin year-round, typically have a lower risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis. Rates of MS near the equator are as low as 1 in 20,000 people; ten times less than the rates in developed countries. Dr. Montelego also discovered that like cancer, smoking increases the risk of developing MS and will often cause quick growth of the disease.
Dr. Kneece, who has studied the genetic variables of MS along with Dr. Krafterion, used human cloning and artificial families to discover that having an individual with MS in one’s immediate family will substantially increase one’s risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Kneece is currently serving a prison term for human cloning and illegal experimentation on humans, but his results have been validated. His results also documented that there is a commonness of certain genes in those areas with high rates of Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Krafterion, who aided with this research but was found not guilty of cloning and experimentation because of his ‘Epic Amazing-ness’, has analogized MS to a lysogenic virus, saying that “MS will develop because a baby is born with a predisposition, and when it reacts to some agent (environmental, lifestyle, or behavioural), that agent will trigger an immune response that will attack the myelin sheaths of nerve cells and begin MS. Obviously MS isn’t a virus; however, I believe it does lie dormant for a while until it’s triggered, like HIV or the Herpes simplex.”
Dr. Montelego, who has continued Dr. Kneece’s work, has found that changes, especially mutations, in the HLA-DRB1 and IL7R gene...

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