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Multiple Sclerosis. The Challenges That Those Who Have It Have When Exercising And What Symptoms They Have That May Make It Harder To Exercise At All. In Apa Form With References.

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Challenges, Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise
Miranda Holtan
Normandale Community College Abstract

The disease Multiple Sclerosis is caused by the destruction of Myelin. The destruction of Myelin interferes with the normal transmissions of nerve impulses along the nerve fibers. Multiple Sclerosis comes with many symptoms that may prevent the person who has the disease from functioning normally. The disease limits their ability to do normal tasks in daily life. Exercise, aerobic and anaerobic can improve their ability to do the normal tasks in life. Exercise for a person with MS may lessen the symptoms of the disease and/or help them recover faster from an exacerbation or attack. Challenges, Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise
Multiple Sclerosis is the destruction of Myelin which results in interference in nerve impulses. MS is characterized by periods of exacerbation and remissions. The neurological disease makes it hard for people with the disease to function fully in the real world on their own. For example, symptoms range from sensory-perceptual deficits to fatigue weakness, tremors, ataxia, dysphagia, slurred speech, incontinence and involuntary evacuation of the bowels. Exercise can bring about an improvement in fitness, fatigue, body care, mobility, self esteem and socialization but does not alter the progression of the disease (Kalb, 1996). Individuals have many challenges to conquer when exercising, the people who help them train also have many challenges.
The effects of Multiple Sclerosis can make life a challenge to the individuals who has it. For a person to exercise they have to overcome many challenges. MS comes with many symptoms; weakness, tingling, numbness impaired sensation, poor coordination, disturbance in balance, double vision, temporary blindness, or blurred vision, involuntary rapid eye movement, tremors, spasticity or stiffness of muscles, slurred speech, a disordered bladder and bowel functions, staggering or unstable walk pattern, fatigue, and sensitivity to heat. Fatigue, weakness, and lack of coordination are often everyday facts of life, that can make it hard and dangerous to exercise. Multiple Sclerosis is often characterized by an erratic or unpredictable course, for many it involves a series of attacks and partial or complete recoveries(Frankel & Buxbaum, 1982). The attacks or exacerbations are unpredictable as of when they will come and how long and severe the symptoms are and will last. Some individuals with MS will experience numbness, tingling, or blurred vision when they exercise, these symptoms are temporary and will decline within 35 minutes of exercising(Frankel &Buxbaum). These symptoms should not cause alarm but when starting to exercise again after a break the individual should greatly decrease intensity to see how these symptoms develop and to see how to better understand their reaction(Harmon, 2002). Exercise may actually worsen spasticity, but this can be relieved or reduced with a...

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