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Multiplying Inequalities Essay

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Multiplying InequalitiesAlthough it is mathematically impossible to multiply an inequality; we Americans have figured out a way to make it possible. It actually occurs every day when we deceive, insult, and hate one another for no legitimate reason. Every morning students stand in front of the flag and place their hands on their hearts to recite the pledge, but when they scan through these words, these words do not make sense to them. This is because the people of our nation are contradicting themselves to the extent where it has been forgotten that we are one nation under god and indivisible. Truth is that Americans have divided themselves into groups which make it easier to hate and discriminate towards one another. A significant amount of our population believes that all Mexicans are illegal, Muslims are terrorists, Asians are geeks, and African Americans are slaves. The prejudice prevails, humans are not created equal, racism up rises, and assimilation is a requirement for acceptance. Sadly, today Americans lack unity and equality.Over the years, millions of immigrants coming to America are mistreated based on their race. Although, Lady Liberty was there standing tall and beautiful to greet them, the people of this country were not. These innocent ones did not know that sometimes things are not what they seem. They were headed into a world of full of prejudice and the acceptance they searched for is not easily achieved. According to Parillo, "In many societies, members of the majority group may believe that a particular low-status minority group is dirty, immoral, violent, or lawbreaking. In the United States, the Irish, Italians, African Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, Puerto Ricans, and others have at one time or another been labeled with most, if not all, of the adjectives" (Parillo 506). The narrow minded population of our country has categorized all but themselves into sections by race, which enforces prejudice. In addition, we use self justification to rationalize our actions. The author states:Self- justification involves denigrating a person or group to justify maltreatment of them. In this situation, self-justification leads to prejudice and discrimination against member of another group. If we can convince ourselves that another group is inferior, immoral, or dangerous, we may feel justified in discriminating against its members, enslaving them, or even killing them (Parillo507).People feel that it is tolerable for them to attack another race or person as long as they have a good reason to do so. Many in our country have personality issues which make them the discriminant people they are. The text states, "Yet another example of the personality component is that people with low self-esteem are more prejudiced than those who feel good about themselves. Some researchers have that individuals with low self-esteem deprecate others to enhance their feelings about themselves (Parillo510)." Likewise, people put others down because they are...

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