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FORUM: General AssemblyQUESTION OF: Legal measures to eliminate international terrorismSUMMITED BY: KuwaitCO-SUBMITTERS:The General Assembly,Alarmed by the worldwide escalation of acts of terrorism in all its forms, which endanger ortake innocent human lives, jeopardize, or harm them in anyway,Emphasizing the fact that acts of international terrorism have been inclining dramaticallyover the last 10 years,Deeply concerned by the increase, in many regions of the world, of the acts of terrorism thatare based on intolerance or extremism,Firmly determined to eliminate international terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,Taking into account that there are nations who finance terrorism and clearly it is an issuewhich must be eliminated completely,Alarmed by the previous resolution passed to eliminate international terrorism and yet it ...view middle of the document...

Given the limits of what the United States can accomplish on its own against al-Qaeda in Kuwait and elsewhere in the region, pushing to reinvigorate the UN's role should be a priority.doubly inflammatory message threatened to affect the Kuwaiti governmentThe Kuwaiti diplomat stressed this goal could only be sought side by side with the goals of eradication of poverty and hunger, achievement of sustainable development, bolstering rule of law, promoting sound governance, promoting peaceful co-existence, and maintaining regard for Human Rights.FORUM: General AssemblyQUESTION OF: Basic methods of reducing pollutionSUMMITED BY: KuwaitCO-SUBMITTERS:Deeply concerned with energy demand and over-using energy in a careless manner.Limit the population. Reduce energy usage and emission form daily activities.Encourage simpler lifestyles that will create less pollution in the first place.Plant at least one tree in your surrounding. Trees give out oxygen, keep the environment clean and the air fresh, curb the heat levels in the surrounding.Use public transport as much as possible. Choose to walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible.Reconnect with nature. Live green by using green power supplied abundantly and freely by wind and the sun.Decides what actions shall be taken by individuals and organizations to meet an environmental objective and enforces them with its police powers.filter that air going out of the factory. This air contains deadly gases which can damage the ozone layer and can be dangerous for other beings too. These filters filter the gas so that harmful gases do not get throughAlways throw garbage in dustbinsFund, create researches on green technology: solar panels… in order to harvest alternative energy sources. Increase energy efficiency, move to non-polluting energy production.

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