Munsang St. John Ambulance And Nursing Cadet Divisions

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30 years ..3 decades… and more than 1000 members counts later, I am honored and elated to be part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Munsang St. John Ambulance Cadet Division and the Munsang Nursing Cadet Division.

I was the lucky appointed one, to be the founding Nursing Cadet Division officer alongside the late Mr. Denis Kin Man Yeung, the founding Ambulance Cadet Division officer in 1981.

The Ambulance and the Nursing Cadet Divisions were formed because of the demanding needs for first aids services on a daily basis and coverage for large school functions and gatherings, such as the Sport Day, and the Speech Days. At that time, about 30 of the upperclassmen had assembled a First Aid Squad to render first aid services, and had organized themselves with squads and patrols, equipments and trainings to perform their most valued first aid duties. But as the group grew larger, the leadership had envisioned a more formal and organized first aid corps for the existing members to grow into. Mr. Yeung and a couple other members were selected to investigate existing resources and make proposal to the school administration. The final proposal was very well received by then Principal, Mr. Samuel Loi. With the blessings of the school board and Mr. Loi, The St. John Ambulance Bridagde-Munsang Ambulance Cadet Division and Munsang Nursing Cadet Division were established in September 1981.

Right from when the two divisions were found, both the Ambulance and the Nursing Cadet Divisions had shown great enthusiasm and promise to be one of the elite groups within and beyond the school. The two shades of grey uniforms of the cadets had presented a visible reminder that our cadets were a highly disciplined entity among the many uniform groups within the school campus. They had since provided uninterrupted daily first aid services and many other voluntary services to our school. Beyond the school, Munsang cadet divisions were invited to represent St. John Cadets Brigades in public services and be the honor guards in St. John functions. It is due to the facts that each one of the cadets were charged with a high standard in the code of conduct laid by the St. John order: tact, resources, dexterity, sympathy, perseverance, discrimination, explicitness, observation, and tact. Munsang Cadets excel in all criteria and had become best of the best. I would like to pay a tribute to my mentor and best friend in life, Mr. Denis Yeung for his determinate dedication and unceasing devotion to the cadets and the organization. He was one of the reasons that we had such instantaneous achievements. He had left us a legacy and endowment of wisdom to go on and succeed in his departure.

Even though I had left St. John, but St. John never left my heart; every time when I returned home and visited Munsang campus, I would poke my head into the first aid room and search for the many reminders of my happiest and youthful years. I am happy to say that I saw a lot of...

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