Murden Mc Clure's Pearl In "Eye Of The Storm"

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When we think of romance immediately we think of love, star-crossed lovers of the characters of Shakespearean time. Ideas and scripts of the quintessential love story goes as follows: boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy & girl fall in love, some mellow drama and finally, lovers are reconciled. Presently, that is the storyline that romantic novels, films, literature etc. follows even in today’s time. However, this is a very limited definition of romance. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, one definition defines romance as “a prose narrative dealing with heroic or mysterious events set in a remote place or time (640)” There is no mention of love, amour anything involving two individuals, no heart-felt emotions toward another human being. However, it can be read as a coming-of-age story; finding one-self, growth and how chance governed author Tori Murden McClure’s Pearl in the Eye of the Storm.
Prior to reading the book, I was uncertain to how this could be a romance novel. I remember thinking how could this title translate into a romance, let alone being romantic. After researching the author, I discovered that she was the first woman to row across the ocean alone. Still, it was quite difficult to comprehend how this physically and mentally strong woman be a character in a “love story.” Yet, upon discovering definitions of “Romantic”& “Tragedy,” and reading the book, I am able to recognize why this was written as a romance.
As McClure sought her Uncle’s advice, she was uncertain and unclear where genre to write her novel: historical, comedic, tragedy or romantic. Yet, it was her wise Uncle who argued that it must be written as a romance. According to a web page entitled The Medieval Romance, there are several characteristics that are key to a classic romance or romantic work in general. These characteristics include:
A private affair rather than public national or international, a hero that acts as an individual (not representing a group), an emphasis on noble actions and deeds, an action set in an exotic place from the everyday world, and plots govern by chance not by rational course and events (

It is these characteristics and criteria that illustrate why McClures book must be written in the romantic genre. Although tragedy was a genre listed in a manner to write her story, it was anything but tragic. Granted, there were parts in her life where she felt discouraged and sad, however she did not let those temporary situations and emotions govern her life. Tragedy is , “ a serious drama with a sorrow or disastrous conclusions, calamity” (Merriam-Webster, 766). If we base her story off this definition alone, it would not fit the genre. There were disastrous events and occurrences, only minor set backs; from the set backs she gained strength. Also, these setbacks, like in a romance, where by chance and not for seen. There is no rational course when it comes to...

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