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Murder Analysis

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Corrina Lewis

Explanations of and Analysis of MURDER

Act I

        In act one three soldiers stab an unarmed Arab boy to death on the streets during the times of war. The two of the three men enjoy themselves with the dead boy by jabbing his eye out, attempting to cut off his penis and putting it in his mouth, putting out their cigarettes on his skin and other various torturing acts. There's only one soldier who is affected by the killing. He can't believe what happened. The other two soldiers try to tell him that it was justified since its war, but the flushed soldier knows better. He is the only one with a conscience. While the soldiers are still playing with the body the Arab boy's father walks in. At first he can't see if his son is the one who is dead, but as he gets closer he realizes that it is his son who was stabbed to death. The father asks the soldiers for an explanation of what happened and the three men try to explain that his son was a dangerous threat. The father investigates his son's body more and more and finds all the marks, cuts, and stabs. With each new finding his anger escalates. The soldiers can't take all the questions the father is asking and finally leave. The last soldier tries to leave, but the father stops him and asks once again what his boy's last words were. The soldier doesn't tell him and the father is left there to grieve.

        I was shocked most by how much fun the soldiers were having. The three men didn't kill the Arab boy to protect themselves. They used war as an excuse to torture and stab the Arab boy to death. It just amazes me how people can have such little respect for life. How could they want to kill for fun? How does someone learn to enjoy mutilating a body? The first scene showed me how sick people can use war to justify killing an unarmed boy.

Act 2

        The next scene has a couple who has just been married. They are happy, and still in ecstasy of each other. Only the groom happens to be the man who some...

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