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Murder In The Castle, An Inside Look At The Death Of King Duncan I Of Scotland

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Murder in the Castle, an Inside Look at the Death of King Duncan I of Scotland
Last night, King Duncan I of Scotland was murdered in his chamber. The king was staying at the castle of his Thane, Lord Macbeth, on the night of his murder. King Duncan had been attending a party that Lord Macbeth had arranged for him and his sons.
All of Scotland is in mourning for the murder of their beloved king, but everyone wants to know who committed this foul deed, and why did they do this to their king? In this newspaper is everything that we know at this time.
When we interviewed Macbeth, he said that at one point in the night he had woken up and went outside of his room. As he approached the king's room, he saw two guards sleeping outside the door. Looking closer, he saw that the guards were holding their daggers, and that both of their daggers were full of blood and their clothes were also covered in blood. From this, he deduced that they must have ...view middle of the document...

They met with three very weird and elderly women today who claimed to be psychic and who said that they do not believe that any man born of woman could ever kill the king. Very strange, indeed, clearly, the king did not die from natural causes, so how did this happen. Yet, another interesting fact possibly related to this horrible tragedy is that an elderly person has just told our news crew that Macduff actually came into this world by way of Cesarean section. Could this have any possible connection to our story?

Once Lady Macbeth found out that King Duncan died in their castle, she fainted without a word. It is so terrible Lady Macbeth had to witness this in her own castle. Can you imagine having a friend, a relative, die in your own castle, or home. However, the crew did mention that the interview did seem a little melodramatic. The crew also wanted to interview Macbeth again, but he seemed to be already having an interview as he was talking with some unseen person as he walked the halls of the castle. Very strange, the crew also noted that Macbeth seemed to have developed a fear of germs, as he was seen continually washing his hands.

As for King Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Donald, when interviewed, they said: “One hides daggers behind his smile”. Why do they talk this way? It leaves so much to interpretation. Anyway, due to their father’s death, they fled Scotland, because they believe that they are the next targets of the murderer. However, many people believe that they are actually the ones that killed the king. Macduff said that, “It is speculated that the king’s sons bribed the guards to kill Duncan because the crown passes to nearest eligible kin.” Malcolm fled to England and Donald fled to Ireland, but no one knows exactly where they are, so it will be difficult to catch them if they are in fact guilty.
It is the belief of this reporter that the only way that the truth of this story will ever come to light is that if someone will eventually be so overcome with guilt that, one way or the other, they will reveal the truth. This was the daily news for today, you should all attend King Duncan’s funeral; his body has been moved to Colmekill, a burial place for the kings of Scotland.

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