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Five foot one, little and fierce, determined to seek on revenge on those who have escaped the law.
Meet Brett the mischievous fiery tempered, axe welding warrior from the Midwest. His ecstatic energy and courageous attitude, helps him solve and stumble upon murders.
Then one brisk October day, he got a call that stopped him cold in his tracks. He would have to examine the crime of his.... brother, Jordan. He now was the last heir to the Giese's heritage.
He couldn’t believe it, even after the information had sunk in, his brother was dead and the worst part, he had to examine the crime scene. So he slowly got out of his car, took a shaky breath and walked up the pitch black lane to his brother's house. Ducking under the yellow “DO NOT ENTER” tape, he finally was at the door. He peered inside and then slowly walked in. He had already saw the door hanging from it's hinges alone, looking like a broken person. Farther on into the house he found his brother's badge, lying on the ground. The crimson liquid still pooling around his dead body and leaking from a severed blade gouged in his back. Here was the evidence, time to begin.
Let's just say examining the body is not my favorite job, especially when it someone you know. The only sign of death or even a struggle was the blade in Jordan's back. The thing that stuck out most was the symbol on the blade. It was the family crest, of the Giese's sworn enemy, The Ducks. Life long enemies since anyone could remember, conflicts going back generations between the two families. No one knows why they are mortal enemies, but supposedly it had to do with a phoenix. Well it wouldn't be that hard to figure out, “he thought”. Was it a trap, a game, or something else. Was there more more than one of the Duck brothers involved? Or was it one of the brothers...

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