Murdered On The Inside Essay

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Another hatred message today and a broken heart tomorrow, pretty soon the world will start to think cyber bullying is normal. Many people in the world use offensive words to bully an innocent person because of their nationality, personality or even weight, not realizing how much of a negative impact it can have on the person being bully. The choices students, parents and even citizens make while addressing someone could change their life mentally and socially even if that person is not harming them physically it torments the bullied person on the inside. Across America and even all over the world citizens are suffering from damaging words posted online through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. It has become an epidemic and has even led young teenagers to taking their own life. One may ask, how could it go that far? Why is it that students do not stand up for themselves? Many questions like these are still unanswered today and because people are neglecting this issue, online bullying has become a natural way of life. Cyberbullying must be considered a criminal offense since it’s a form of harassment and a long lasting event, high staking percentages of students are being bullied and are not getting justice and in most cases it eventually leads to suicide.
Although many people believe Cyberbullying should be a criminal offense, there are also others that consider it just as standard as someone dying in a car accident or being murdered. Many opposing parties also say there is no assurance that the people bullying are intentionally trying to harm anyone but rather make a joke out of everything. However, most critics don’t look into the entire problem and they judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, those who are bullied have absolutely no power to stand up for themselves so they just try to ignore the problem overall. Online responders and writers have claimed that it is just a “one time event” just like any other event that takes place in society. Critics also believe that actual “harassment happens more frequently than real cyber bullying” (Briggs 1). Truly enough, Cyber bullying does feel and seem like a onetime event but in reality it is a continuous battle for a person being bullied. Just because a mean word or conversation is posted online does not mean it goes away or is forgotten. These painstaking words remain in the hearts and minds of the victims. Also, it is proven that the victims suffer from “Long lasting sadness or irritably” as a result of being bullied (Bullying statistics) just the simple word “long lasting” proves its own point. Harassment can be considered as unwanted and bothersome actions to another person. However, many have stated that harassment is more common...

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