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Murderer In The Family Essay

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It was a hot day, sunny and wet. Kendall and her mother Cheri were moving into a new house with her new father Tom and his daughter Courtney. Kendall slowly unpacked her belongings into her new light blue room. She had shoulder length brown wavy hair. Her fair skin was red from moving boxes inside. Her blue crystal eyes scoped out her new house. Courtney was in her green room next door. Her blonde hair pulled into a messy bun, sweat running down her rosy cheeks. Her emerald eyes glowed from the window light. Courtney was ironically two months younger than Kendall so they went to school together. They were both in their senior year, they were so excited for college. Courtney often braged to ...view middle of the document...

She wrote about her parents disapproving her choices. People never noticing her. Being a shadow. Always being the last choice. The no one wanted around. Eating lunch alone. Has a phone but no one to text. But her sadness turned to anger.
The next morning Kendalls letters came. Accepted with a part scholarship to Harvard. With the scholarship she could afford Harvard. She was bubbly and happy. Smiling, bright eyes. Courtney had to wait for college, her funds did not allow her enough money for at least another year.
The next week. Courtney went to the dog park with her pet Luna. A beautiful friendly black lab. Or at least that's what she told her parents. She left with the car, walked home. She picked up a grainy rock, about a pound. Threw it as hard as she could at the back window. Glass shattered in a million peices. This way if anyone wonders who murdered Kendall they wouldn’t suspect Courtney. Why would she break in if she had a key, the police would think. Courtney entered the house plucking a large shiny knife from the block. Holding it in latex gloves for no finger prints. She slowly creeped up the stairs. Opened Kendalls room and said. “Hello little miss perfect.” “Whats going on.” Kendall said in reply. “Don’t worry I’ll get college money, I’ll get your funds when you're dead.” “Don’t do this.” Kendall pleaded and cried. But the knife pierced through her skin, up and down. Kendall screamed and cried. Pain rushed through her chest. But a sudden silence then happened. A quiet victory for Courtney, a quiet tragedy for everyone else. Courtney leaves that second, the knife still in Kendalls chest. She ran back to the dog park, and casually sat on a bench with a guilty smile.
Tom came home from work that night at 6 o'clock. “What do you want for dinner Kendall.” No reply. Again he asked her. “What do you want for dinner.” Upset with her ignoring him he decided to go upstairs and ask again. But when he walked in he stood in shock. Blood was splattered everywhere. Her shirt was stained completely red. The knife completely pierced through her, not an inch of blade showing. He ran downstairs and dialled 911. “Hello.” He said panicked. “Hello whats your emergency.” “Someone murdered my daughter theres a knife in her chest come quick.” She then told the ambulance to go to the address where the call was from. They drove, sirens buzzing, lights flashing. When they arrived the father was there leading them upstairs balling his eyes out. He loved Kendall even if she was his step daughter, she was still his daughter.
At the hospital the doctors worked, but there was not much to do. Kendall had already lost most of her blood. She died on the operating table that evening. Her mother burst into tears. Her father sobbed. And Courtney quietly pretended to cry as she out her secretly smiling face into her hands. Her mother walked into the operating room. Looked at her daughter and stared. How could someone do this. She screamed, and then picked up her...

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