Muscle Enhancers, Steroids And The Effects They Can Take On Your Body Anatomy And Physiology Research Paper

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When the muscles undergo an increased amount and intensified level of exercise, there is trauma and muscle injury (unm). This damage activates Satellite cells as they try to fuse together and to the muscles fibers to repair them (unm). As they multiply, some remain as organelles on the muscle fibers and others spread out and join to other muscle fibers to form new protein strands (unm). This causes the muscle cells’ myofibrils to increase in number and thickness. With these added cells the fibers can synthesize more proteins and create more myofilaments, or Actin and Myosin (unm).
Creatine is arguably, the most popular substance believed to enhance muscle size. It is a natural substance that turns into creatine phosphate once inside the body (WebMD). It helps create ATP inside the body to provide energy for muscle contractions (WebMD). Some distributers claim that Creatine enhances intercellular hydration, which helps with muscle recovery and increasing strength (healthpsych). Creatin is not a steroid, but rather an organic acid that is produced naturally by the body (toddurkin).
The potential benefits of Creatine depend on many factors including age, fitness level, diet, and athletic activity (WebMD). There are risks to Creatine as the process of drawing water into the muscle cells can cause dehydration and the breaking down of the supplement places added stress on the kidneys (toddurkin). Creatine has also been found to increase risk of weight gain, anxiety, breathing difficulties, headaches, etc. (WebMD). Getting a full night of sleep, eating a balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water has much greater effects than Creatine (toddurkin). In this situation, with...

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