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Muscle System Essay

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Muscular System
The human muscular system is made up of over 600 connecting muscles. All of the muscles work together in sync to make your body move in several different ways.
None of the body systems can work without muscles and your muscles can't work without your other body systems so that means that all of your body systems need each other to work and make your body function correctly.
Your muscles need protein, nutrients, and oxygen to move and work. Then the circulatory system carries those essential particles to your muscles from the digestive and respiratory systems. That is when your circulatory system carries the leftover waste back to the original systems to be discharged from your body. Your nervous system runs the whole show by telling your different systems to make this whole process happen
Your muscles are made up of body tissue which consists of very very small fibers which make up your muscles and you also have ligaments which help your muscles move in the right way. Each of your muscles are responsible for their own special job. All of your muscles contract to provide motion when the brain sends a signal through the nervous system which are stimulants. These stimulants tell your muscles to move your arms, legs and other muscles move your eyelids and they all work in sync to make you walk and talk. There are some muscles in which you have no control over like the muscles in your internal organs like your heart, stomach, and other organs in all of your body systems.
There are three different types of muscular tissues. There are the Smooth, the Skeletal, and the Cardiac muscular tissues. Smooth muscles are made of...

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