Musee Du Louvre: An Artistic And Architectural Analysis

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Paul Cezanne once said, “Keep good company-that is, go to the Louvre.” (5) Indeed, today it is known as one of the most famous buildings in the world. Some of its most famous pieces include Venus of Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Code of Hammurabi, and most notably, the Mona Lisa. Established in the sixteenth-century as the private art collection of King Francis I, it is now one of the most famous museums in the world. The Louvre is located in the heart of Paris, in France. To be more precise, it is located on the Right Bank of the river Seine, on the first arrondissement. It houses over one million pieces of art, whose time periods range from antiquity to the mid-nineteenth century.
The Louvre is perhaps most famous for its unique architecture, a mix of modern (the infamous pyramid) and antique (the older parts of the building). Once one enters through the Louvre Pyramid or the Carrousel de Louvre, one can decide to enter one of three wings: Sully, Richelieu, or Denon. The Sully Wing is the oldest part of the Louvre, and its first floor holds over thirty rooms with Egyptian antiquities, as well as the statue of Aphrodite known as Venus of Milo, an accent of the Louvre’s Greek collection. Its second floor holds a wide variety of French drawings, sculptures, and paintings, among which the most famous is the titillating Turkish Bath, painted by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres in the late eighteenth century. On the lower ground floor of the Sully wing lie some remnants of the medieval castle which was once the Louvre. The ground and lower floors of the Richelieu wing house the musée’s expansive collection of sculptures, spread out over two glassed-in courtyards: the Cour Marly and the Cour Puget. The former lodges the Horses of Marly, large marble sculptures created by Guillame Coustou in the eighteenth century. Nearby, Phillippe Pot lies in his tomb. The ground floor also accommodates several attractions from the Near East, the most famous of which is the Code of Hammurabi, a large stele made of basalt, on which the Babylonian law code is found. The Denon wing is easily most crowded of the three. This wing houses the Mona Lisa, the most recognizable image in the world, as well as the Winged Victory of Samothrace, displayed prominently in the cavity between the Denon wing and the Sully wing. The ground floor of the Denon contains Roman and Etruscan antiquities, as well as Antonio Canova’s famous marble sculpture, Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss, and Michelangelo’s Dying Slave. On the same floor are eight rooms containing exquisite artifacts from Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceanica. Medieval sculptures are located on the first floor of the Denon wing.

The Musée Du Louvre has had a long and complex history. Built on the western edge of the magnificent city of Paris, the original structure was gradually swallowed by the city as it grew. The dark fortress was gradually transformed into the modern dwelling of King François I, and...

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