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Museum Essay

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On April 10, 2014, we went on a field trip to visit a museum in San Francisco. I have mix up emotions while we were traveling. I was excited to see different work of arts that I just used to see only in the books. We sat on a bus for two hours while I was making friend with the guy sitting next to me. We talked so many random things about our likes, the school, our family and the possible things that we would see in the museum. We exchanged ideas about certain work of arts that interest each of us.
We visited several museums wherein I saw different art work. However, at the first time, those museums did not arouse my interest for I could not see something interesting or breathtaking masterpiece in any of the museum we visited. Until we went to “Legion of Honor,” inside it, as I walked around, I couldn’t find any ancient art at first but when I went downstairs, I found few arts from Egypt. A sculpture in the “Legion of Honor” really caught my ...view middle of the document...

2055-2004 BC) reunified Egypt following years of political instability. The highly skilled artist used the grain of the wood to accentuate the body’s contours. It is brown in color. It shows the greatness of the skill of the creator of this art. The sculpture has balance and good contrast of color which made the sculpture easily to be noticed and be appreciated. The shades highlight the simplicity but beauty in this work of art.
The carvings on its hands, shows meticulous character of the creator. There is a vivid proportion on the carving of every parts of the head, likewise the eyes are created magnificently, sharp nose, great lips, and the shape of the face shows it can represent femininity or masculinity in nature. The carving on the skirt manifests creativity on enhancing wonders to this sculpture. It shows firmness and strength on the way it is carved. It is very impressive as it shows discipline, leadership, and greatness and wonders representing the Egyptian arts which are really very important to the modern Arts and Science nowadays.
There are so many artworks in the museum which representing different aspects of arts but this sculpture is fascinated me so much. I am terribly amazed upon seeing those real images, real products of sculpture, painting exhibits, portraits which are all real in my sight. I cannot help to compare them. I am very much engrossed with these real works of arts which usually appear to me just in the books, internets, or other media wherein I cannot even touch it. This work of art remind me of a Egyptian portrait in the Gardener’s Art book called Ka-Aper from 2450-2350 BCE. These both statues are made out of wood in a standing position with left leg in advanced and they represent deceased. The only difference between these two figures is Ka-Aper in the book has a tall walking stick in his left hand and a baton is his right, while the Seneb has both hands straight down.
I can say that this field trip taught me so many lessons in life. Likewise, learning to appreciate the beauty of someone’s creation, materials which are just in the corner of our house can be used to express our artistic value, discipline in making something in order to represent cultures and traditions in the forms of arts and many more.

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