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Exhibit Overview and Rationale:
The “The Myth And The Reality” exhibition is intended for the visitors who are interested in
previous historical, religious, human behaviors, mythological material, nature of animals, and the
world we live in. Mythical creatures are created by people’s imaginations, hopes, fears, and most
passionate dreams. The exhibition I am designing uses a method of comparison, comparing real
animals to mythical creatures. The intent is to arouse the imagination of the visitors in his or her
personal journey of discovery, connecting with the real world to mythical creatures. Throughout
my exhibition I will be providing detailed information of the real and mythical creatures
including where they are commonly found and live, their origin, and their physical attributes;
giving audiences of all age groups a better understanding of the bizarre, powerful, and brave
creatures that rule the air, water, and land.
There are other similar exhibitions depicting mythical creators. For example, an
exhibition called Mythic creatures: Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids, which was shown by
Museum of Science in Boston in the (Oct 26,2008 - Mar 22,2009). “Mythic
Creatures explores rich, ancient cultures, nature, and folklore from around the world," said Paul
Fontaine, Vice President of Education at Museum of Science (Museum of Science, 2014). The
main difference between the exhibition I am creating and the Mythic creatures exhibition is my
exhibition not only give visitors a better understand of the mythical creators, but it compares
them to modern animals that are currently living on our planet. For many centuries, humans have
brought mythic creatures to life through rumors, stories, literary works of art, and movies, etc.
The exhibit also attempts to reveal various human perspectives of the mythical creatures and why
! !  3
human being has misunderstood, speculated, feared, and have different interpretation of the
different unique creatures.
Ancient mythical creatures, which were inspired by human’s imagination, emotion
consigns, and continue to delight in our daily lives.The exhibition also apply clues: fossils or
living animals specimens, art works and anthropological collections to help visitors to
understand how these mythic stories are made and how these mythical creatures created. I also
will include and discusses similar types of mythical creatures has different interpretation in
different areas in the world. For example, merman and mermaid, there are a lot of differences in
interpretation between the Asian and the European culture.
Another rationale for creating “The Myth And The Reality” exhibition is take visitors on a
unique journey to learn new information and simply enjoy these wonderful creates as much as I
do. The exhibit uses comparison approaches to reveal the truths about mythical creatures and the
real existing or existed mistaken animals. At the end, since these animals are very rare, the

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