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The two sites that I have chosen to compare are the National Gallery of Art (NGA) and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met). The reason I chose these specific sites was the first images I saw which made me want to explore the webpages. I will be comparing the visual quality of the homepage, pictures, text, and content along with the overall quality of the two sites. I will go into detail about the differences and which site, in my opinion, would be more enjoyable based on their website.

Upon first glance of their homepages, the two sites look completely different in style. When The Metropolitan Museum homepage loaded, I was in awe of the bold image of a man's face covered ...view middle of the document...

The homepage for the National Gallery of Art was clean and free of text except for the drop menu at the top. When I went to various links on both sites they both seemed to have high quality content, but the overall layout of specific links where more elegantly design on the NGA site.

Another feature that caught my attention was the clean layout of the pages on the NGA website. All of the categories on the different pages were evenly organized and looked visually appealing. The clean simple design made it easy to browse the material and find specific information. On the Metropolitan Museum website the material was organized, but there was so much extra on the pages that it became distracting. For example, on the learning tab for kids there were four different advertisement pictures for memberships and concert costs for the museum.

The last features that aided in making my decision were that the National Gallery of Art website had an audio and video section for some of their artwork and collections. This was very interesting to me because I was able so learn about the art in another format than...

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