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Museum Of Art Visit Essay

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The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
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A piece that uses actual light as a medium

In the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, an actual piece that uses light as a medium is the installation of James Turrell. Turrell is distinguished worldwide for his innovative art installations which explore light and space, allowing spectators to explore the limits of their own perception and set illusions. It is possible to see how the light is capable of configuring and transforming spaces. Several shiny colors can be appreciated, and outstanding light sequences. The purple, blue, pink and other bright colors also form beautiful environments, and make the spectator feel in a new dimension.

A piece that is by an Asian artist

I was impressed with one of the photographs of the Japanese-American photographer Ishimoto Yasuhiro, specially the one that combines painting with photography. This artwork is untitled , and shows a man wearing a coat while walking down the street, carrying a bag in his hand. To the left of the photo, there is a painting of an Asian man who appears to be looking at the man in the picture. The image is in black and white, and was created in 1970. It's amazing to see how two types of visual arts were combined into a single image.

A piece that is of an idealized form

The image called "Imaginary view of Padua" by Canaletto is an image in which the artist shows an imaginary view of the city of Padua. The way in which the town is represented is not the form in which the town looked in reality, but the ideology of the artist created an imaginary place in his mind. Perhaps the way that he would have preferred to see his favorite city. According to the history of this painting, the picture only shows many characteristics of idealized author. There are few things that coincided with the realities of the city. Canaletto painted what he idealized about, in a black and white image. The image is from between the years 1697, and 1768.

A piece that plays with scale

There is an image of Damien Hirst called "End Game." This has scale and proportion due to the accuracy with which cabinet is built. The gray background is repetitive, and the color blends with the gray of the woods holding the glasses. 27 balanced rectangles can be seen, including the shape of the cabinet. Although the objects are not the same from right to left and vice versa, everything looks well proportioned, and balanced thanks to the interaction of grayscale colors. The rectangles also play an important role by showing this work as an exact geometric work. No matter if the hanging skeletons show different sizes.

A nonrepresentational painting

An non representational painting that shows no traces of any anything recognizable is an artwork created by Adolph Gottlieb. The painting is called “Penumbra,” and it is from the year 1959. With...

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