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The article "Music therapy's effects on levels of depression, anxiety, and social isolation in Mexican farm workers living in the United States: A randomized controlled trial," written by Melody Schwantes, Cathy Mckinney, and Niels Hannibal. All three authors researched upon the levels of depression, anxiety, and loneliness that was developing throughout Mexican farm workers. They had a reason for this trial, and that was to see if music therapy was beneficiary towards the farm workers. Mexican farm workers were chosen for this trial because many "Mexican farmworkers suffer through "separation of family, income, work demands, housing issues and language" (120). For this reason, the main point of the article was to have music therapy as a particular intervention for those suffering from mental health issues.
One of the main parts of this article was the trial. The entire experiment was random, meaning they could have had men who were in their early 30's or late 50's. However, they made sure the group did not include women, children, and that only males were living together at the campsite. The trials consisted of music therapy with 26 individuals and 30 individuals in the comparison condition (122). Once the tests ended, we could see there was no significant change in table 1 located on page 123. There is a 1-2-year difference for each category situated under the table. "A one-way ANOVA determined that the groups were not statistically different concerning age, education, the first time in the US, and the number of years worked as a farmworker" (123). Even though there is no significant difference between both groups, it can be possible that music therapy helps farmworkers. Another thing that seems to make this trial look unsuccessful is that the number of individuals participating is deficient. A third reason is that the groups were not the same amount, the comparison group had four more individuals than the music therapy group.
The entire experiment was based on farmworkers of Mexican descent. Some of the articles the authors used were most likely out of date. An example can be found in their references. They used three reports from the 1990's, however; one article that stood out was the National Agricultural Workers Survey (1998). The article states that the average farmworker is at least 29 years of age, married and has at least six years of education (120). Another report by the North Carolina Farmworker Institute states, "farmworkers have a life expectancy of 49 years of age with no access to health care and mental health services" (120). Within those two articles, it can be seen there is a contradiction between farmworkers. The 1998 report is about two decades old and is definitely out of date. Most immigrants who come to the United States don't have an education or health care for that matter.
Most of the statements found throughout the article do not seem credible or reliable, for that matter, one observation can be found on page 121....

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