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Music And Deviant Behavior Essay

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Often times throughout history and in today’s world, music along with lyrics of songs and musical artists are blamed for deviant behavior in adolescents and teenagers. Some argue that subcultures are created because of artists and their music which leads to groups of young adults taking part in deviant behavior, while others argue the opposite; that the behavior leads the person to listen to the music. There is also concern about the effect that music videos have on the behaviors of the listeners of music throughout all genres. Although there is not much extended research on music and the effect it has on its listeners there is plenty of speculation, theories, and minor studies.
Music has been around for thousands of years throughout the world dating all the way back to prehistoric times proven by the digging up of a 9,000-year-old flute that had seven holes drilled into it to create a musical scale in China ("Prehistoric flute music:," 2000). Music went through numerous stages before becoming what we know music as today. The earliest periods of music were the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Periods which took place from the years 500-1760. The next cluster of periods were the Classical, Romantic, and Modern Periods which ended in 1930 to bring us to the most recent periods: Twentieth Century Period and the ongoing Contemporary and Twenty First Century Periods.
One of the earliest controversies involving an artist’s actions and songs in in the music world came on June 5, 1956 when rock and roll legend Elvis Presley performed a rendition of his song “Hound Dog” that had the public outraged. He received backlash for his pelvis-shaking intensity his fans screamed for while television critics described it as “appalling lack of masculinity”, “vulgarity”, and “animalism” ("Elvis presley," 1999). Elvis consistently took heat for his edgy performances and actions on stage, but he was not the only controversial artist to emerge from the twentieth century. The song “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones was banned from many radio stations for being too suggestive, while Bob Dylan’s music was kept off the airwaves at one radio station in El Paso, Texas for the possibility of his songs having a deeper meaning objective to politics at the time. One family even attempted to sue rock and roller Ozzy Osborne after they say their son committed suicide because he listened to a song called “Suicide Solution” by Osborne. Rock and roll was not the only genre of music that has seen controversy, though. Rap, more specifically gagsta rap, emerged in the late 1980s and 1990s as the most controversial genre of music since rock and roll with lyrics that degrade women, talk about killing law enforcement officers, and glorify a drug filled party scene. Many gangsta rap artists are often times thought to have connections to street gangs such as the Bloods or Crips as well. The current day controversy in music is still mainly in rap and hip...

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