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EXTENDED ESSAYSName: Muhammad Zulhaziq Bin Muhammad.School: Kolej Mara BantingSession: 2013-2015Advisor: Arniliza HabusllahSubject: World StudiesTitle: Live Event Can Lead to Consumption of Drugs.IntroductionOver the past 10 years, this world has always comes out with drug issues. There are many cases and death happened that is caused by drug abuse. Some people think that doing drugs is legal because they think the way of using drug and they way to control it, so that it is not a wrong doings. However, until relatively recently, little had been written on these issues, drug abuse are still popular and sometimes become the main issue discussed by mass media all over the world. Malaysian government did plan so many programmes and ways on how to overcome this issue. Most of Malaysian people realize that drugs are illegal in this countries and will be punished towards this wrong doings but certain people still take risk and sell those thing because they knew that it will produce a lot of money. This particular problems start with people who do not know on how to have fun and the only thing they need is drugs. Music is an art that have no specific meaning of it. Different people describe and feel the music with different ways. Nowadays, our culture are exposed to music party and there are many music festival were held all over the world. Although many countries know that it is the reason why people do drugs, they still approved the music concert to be held in their country because it still have many benefit in term of economy. Even Malaysian head of tourism comes out with a statement saying that the fact is the live events industry is one that can and has contributed to Malaysia's economy. Most of the music festival held, there will always be death cases because of drug overdose. Based on the research made, this essay will discuss about is it true that music can lead to the consumption of drug and why people nowadays do drug to have fun. This essay will also present the drug addict people over the period of 2004 until 2014. The data shown were based on the secondary data obtained from The National Anti-Drug Agency. This research will include statistics and hypothesis test theories in order to see and expose people of drug abuse in this world that is caused by wrong interpretation towards on how to feel music. [1:][2:][3:][4:]MethodologyMy research method requires gathering relevant data from the specified documents and compiling data base in order to analyse the material and arrive at a more complete understanding. The reason why I chose this interesting issue to be my research is because it is one of the great issue for this...

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