Music, And How It Has Effected My Life.

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Trinity Rein
Music Appreciation
"Music in My Life"

Music, more so now than ever before, is a huge part of my life. As a child I always enjoyed listening to music and singing along to it, and growing up it was always very important to me. Music moved me in a way that I really couldn't explain and it still does today. I consider myself a very deep and philosophical person. I'm always trying to look beyond the surface of that which I see, hear, and experience, and extract the true, hidden meaning or the underlying message. When you look that deep into things, you learn that many things in this world, and even some people in it, are very hollow and don't have much else going on than what you see on the outside. However, music is nothing like that. Music has many layers and meanings and messages, and they vary depending on who's interpreting them. Music can be virtually meaningless to one person, and mean the world to another. It can bring about feelings of joy, happiness, motivation, loneliness, sadness, anger, or calmness and complete contentment. Music is a unique and powerful blessing in my life.

Many of my early childhood memories are directly linked to music. There have been many times in my life when I have heard a song or a melody, and I connected with it, it felt familiar, but I didn't know exactly why. As I would continue to listen, images and memories would pop into my mind, memories of family, and friends, and events, both good and bad, which have happened in my life. Music has a mysterious way of tapping into the subconscious and unlocking things that would otherwise be untouchable.
When you experience that it's an amazing feeling. As I began to realize the power of music I decided to take a more active role in it.

When I was in elementary school, probably fourth or fifth grade, I decided to try playing an instrument. I knew that I loved music and I listened to many different types of it, but I was unsure which instrument would be best for me to start with. I went to my school's band director and expressed my intentions to him, along with my confusion on which instrument to choose. After talking for a while, and maybe because he was lacking musicians willing to play it, he pointed me in the direction of the cello. I wasn't quite sure what a cello was, it just looked like a big violin that you stand upright between your legs as you play, but I decided that I was going to give it a shot. My family rented a cello from the school band and I began lessons immediately. I was very excited.

As the weeks passed, I studied hard and practiced often. I was one of three cello players in the school band and we had our first concert coming up in less than a month. The cello players, as a group, had their own solo part in the concert playing, if memory serves me correctly, "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star." Although I loved playing, I got extremely nervous playing in front of more than a few people and I came to dread the...

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