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Music And Its Influence To My Creative Life

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Whenever I touch one of the keys of a piano, my mind starts bringing out ideas of what songs should be played. Everything around me is blocked out and all the focus goes into playing music. When the music plays, I feel calm and focused. The only thing that gets in the way is schoolwork. I got my first exposure to music when a friend showed me a CD of a Michael Jackson concert. The passion that Michael Jackson put through his dancing and music gave me the desire to be involved in music. The only thing I'm afraid of when I play music is having to perform in front of large groups of people. When many people have their focus on me, I get very nervous and start to shake. However, in the future I wanted to be good at playing music since it helps me escape the stress of the real world.
In Saudi Arabia, the place where I was born and raised for 11 years, there's nothing to do there as a kid. My source of entertainment are playing sports with my friends and watching a Filipino channel that mostly shows family game shows and drama, which really doesn't bring interest to a kid like me. When I wanted to be involved in music, my parents made me take private piano lessons. I didn't like it at first because I didn't like doing things that my parents forced me into but I started to like it after a few weeks. Just as I was about to get used to it, we have to stop the lessons due to financial problems. Even though it was a short time, I was able to read music notes and apply them to the piano keys. However, I wasn't good enough to play the songs that I wanted. School was becoming an obstacle for me when I wanted to play piano. Homework always piled up and tests were keeping me from having any free time. After 11 years, me and my family moved to California where we lived in one of my uncle's house. This is when I discovered different types of music such as Rap/Hip hop and alternative rock. As years pass by, I was introduced to more music such as dubstep, techno, r&b, and metal.
There are few artists that really inspired me with their music. One of them is Linkin Park, an alternative rock band, who lets their listeners know about the problems that are happening around the world such as starvation, poverty, war, corruption, and etc. They also apply these topics into their lyrics in a very clever way. They inspired me to follow a career that could help the people who are in desperate need. Another artist who inspires me is T.I., who...

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