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Music And The Mind Essay

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When Albert Einstein was a young kid, his teachers believed that he was “too stupid to learn” They suggested to his mother that he just skip school and start manual labor early, because he was a hopeless case. But despite everything, his mother continued to make him go to school; in addition, she also bought him a violin.
Violin soon became one of his greatest passions, and he even stated himself, that playing the violin was what made him intelligent. His friend, G.J. Withrow had said, that whenever Einstein had trouble figuring out an equation he would go and improvise on the violin.
One reason that suggests this may have really helped him is that music has been proven to have short-term ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, these beliefs are very far fetched, and there is no actual evidence behind it; In fact, there are very few studies actually done on children and the Mozart effect.
There is, however, evidence behind Mozart and the slight improvement in test scores. It’s effectiveness is shown through the results of an IQ test performed on three groups of college students. The first group listened to Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major before taking the IQ test. The second group listened to a relaxation tape and the third group had nothing to listen to. The results showed that the first group’s average had a difference of 9 points (119) compared to the third group (110), who had sat in silence, while the second group only had a one point increase from the group who sat in silence. So Mozart can increase your IQ up to 9 points, it may not be a huge, but there’s still a noticeable difference.
A method created by Dr. George Lozanov, a very well known Bulgarian psychologist, was proven to teach foreign languages to students in just a fraction of time it usually took. The system had students learn the same amount of grammar and vocabulary typically learned in one school term (about 1,000 words and phrases) taken in all within a day. To do this, he used certain classical music pieces from the Baroque period that contained the 60 beat per minute pattern in his lessons.
Through his method he proved that foreign languages can be learned with 85 - 100% efficiency in only 30 days with these pieces. What they found, was that even after 4 years of not reviewing the material they were taught, students still had a recall accuracy of 100%.
It has been proven, that people who’ve had musical training are able to pick-up second languages much faster. This is because every language has a different set of sounds and your musically trained brain is more experienced in detecting slight changes in different sounds. Basically, music has fine tuned your brain to be able to hear different intonations and help improve your pronunciation.
It has also been proven that musical training does change the brain, depending on how long you’ve been playing. Many scans of professional musician’s brains have shown a greater density of grey matter compared to non-musicians.
Even some of the greatest leaders in society were heavily dependent on music, take Thomas Jefferson for instance. Whenever the man was stuck writing the Declaration of Independence, he would take out his violin and start playing. Music had helped him get words onto paper.
We now understand music develops the brain, but how does the body respond to music? Music influences the body in both positive and negative ways, and the effects can be both instant and long lasting. When listening to music, certain parts of the body that are affected include: increased breathing rate and electrical resistance of the skin. Certain music can also cause your pupils to dilate and sometimes even an increase in your blood...

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