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Music has played a vital role in human culture and evidence based on archaeological sites can date it back to prehistoric times. It can be traced through almost all civilizations in one form or another. As time has progressed so has the music and the influences it has on people. Music is an important part of popular culture throughout the world, but it is especially popular in the United States. The music industry here is, and has been, a multi-million dollar business that continues to play an important role in American popular culture. This is also a art form and business that is forever changing as the times and more importantly, technology changes. Technology has changed the way music is made as well as how it is produced, marketed, sold, performed and other various factors associated with music.
Women’s rights have progressed over recent history as well as gender roles associated with both genders. The feminist movement has made great progress for the betterment and advancement of women in this country. Women are seen as equals at home and in the workplace because of this feminist movement and theory. Women are not content with being stay at home moms and are pursuing higher education and better professions, previously reserved for men. The feminist movement fights for women in all aspects and is not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Over my generation I have seen examples and conflict between music and the feminist movement in multiple instances.
The artifact I have chosen for this assignment is the recently popular Fat Joe and Lil Wayne song, “Make It Rain”. This song came out in 2006 but reached more popularity with the remix in 2007. This is also a song that was nominated for a Grammy award in 2008. This is a very catchy song that immediately became popular in the club scene, radio, MTV, and in popular culture overall. Many see it as a catchy rap song with a good beat, but the actual message it portrays would have many listeners and parents disgusted. The basic message of this song is that Fat Joe and Lil Wayne like to throw stacks of money at strippers and make it look like its raining in the club, hence the title of the song. These rappers are portraying the lifestyles of young, rich, defiant rap artists. A portion of the lyrics in the chorus are, “Got a handful of stacks better grab an umbrella.
I make it rain, I make it rain (Oh), Make it rain on them hoes”. This chorus is repeated multiple times throughout the entire song. This type of message and song does not fit in with the messages, goals, values and beliefs of the feminists movement and we see a clash between the music industry, specifically rap music, and the feminist movement before and after this song.
Since the beginning of its art form rap music has been subject to scrutiny throughout its existence. In a Theresa Martinez reading from the semester, the author describes rap music as a resistance. She builds on a theory of...

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