Music At Noon With Louis Landon

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The Pasadena Presbyterian Church music hall was a medium sized two-story hall. It was truly old and historical; moreover, the architecture of this construction reminded me of an art museum. Seniors and elders occupied most of the seats at the concert. The seats were very old wooden seats, and not so comfortable. The hall had a very high ceiling, and curved concrete walls. All of the audiences were enjoying the beautifully arranged venue. The venue had high concrete walls with beautiful glass windows from the ground up to the roof. All of the audiences had attended this concert for Louis Landon, a pianist who lives in Arizona now. He had driven all the way from Arizona to play his music for his audience.
I had listened to Louis Landon’s music on my computer before attending his concert, but listening to his music live gave me a hundred times more enjoyment. Listening to the quality of the sound coming from the beautiful black piano, and watching Louis Landon himself play for us live was what gave me the hundred times more enjoyment. Before the concert, he was extremely excited; furthermore, he was truly restless, and it seemed like he could not wait until the concert’s opening time. He was literally playing the piano with the most love he had to the instrument. In some sections, I had noticed that he was closing his eyes, and it was like he was feeling the music in his veins. This was one of the most spectacular scenes I have ever seen in any concert. One of my favorites from the piano was the accent of the rhythm. There were many accents in his piece of music, and they caused me to feel very excited and happy. The music, “Peaceful”, was truly a spectacular piece with beautiful notes and a low calm pitch, which made me close my eyes and imagine a beautiful park on a sunny day with a cool refreshing breeze. The music, “Wide Open Space”, gave me the feeling of relaxation and full concentration to the music. The music, “Siren”, was with a high pitch; it gave me the feeling of alertness and happiness. The music, “Silent Movie” and “Camelot”, both made me feel worry free and completely relaxed as I was listening with my eyes closed. The only thing that could have been better was the location of the concert. As I mentioned in the introduction paragraph, the Pasadena Presbyterian Church was a medium sized two-story hall; in my opinion, it was a fine place for art exhibitions but a concert with such a talented musician could have been in a more appropriate well-equipped theater.
The music hall was packed with people in the audience, and I felt that they could truly understand everything about the music being played by Louis Landon. Especially, in the first row, there were some audiences, who could really feel the music, and they were acting as if they were playing the piano with their fingers instead of the performer. Furthermore, at the end of the concert, the audiences’ claps embraced Louis Landon. The audiences’...

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