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Music Education: The Sound Of Success

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Music, the soundtrack of mankind; an entity appreciated and recognized in every culture around the globe and a fundamental characteristic of human beings. Listening, learning to create, and understanding music has always held intrinsic value to individuals as well as society as a whole. It would be impossible to imagine a world without music regardless of personal interpretations of its significance. Music is heard and permeates almost every aspect of life; from the moment of conception, a heartbeat maintains the rhythm of life itself. Mothers sing lullabies to their unborn children, composers brighten films with colorful musical arrangements, and operas express emotions where words fall short.
First, consider the many ways in which music benefits humans, not specific to any of life’s countless responsibilities. Music provides motivation, a key component for accomplishing any task such as exercise, studying, and even the music of an alarm clock, initiating the start of another day. Creativity and self expression are two more avenues where music contributes positively to human nature. Music has the power to inspire, alleviate, and console every human emotion as well provide a successful career for performing artists. The list of positive influences music generates in the world are endless and mustn’t be taken for granted, especially when evaluating its role from an educational perspective.
Among the facets of culture that music encompasses, it is education that holds grave significance to the future of music. When considering the key components of a well-rounded education, many may argue that English, Mathematics, Science, and social studies are the core focal points of study and learning. With economic turmoil impacting funding of public education, music programs are often targeted to adjust for that lack of funding that has plagued the nation. Despite budget shortfalls, music must maintain a significant role in all levels of education. The beneficial factors that music provides to all areas of learning and knowledge should not be overlooked nor neglected but embraced in every imaginable way. Research has shown that music, whether listening or actively engaging in its creation, is supplemental to all forms of intellectual development.
The goals of the United State's public education once focused on producing a competent generation of educated individuals which sadly has been declining in recent decades. The possible causes of such a depressing rationale can be attributed to an abundant array of crippling variables; but rather than dwell on failures, educators and policy makers should be seeking new ingenious ideas to brighten the future of education. The infamous singer/songwriter Bob Dylan expressed the general view of policy makers regarding music in his quote, "This land is your land this land is my land, sure, but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyways (Dylan)." Many of the nation’s policy makers seem focused on...

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