Music For All Essay

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Music for All
“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world” - Martin Luther

Who can listens to music? Today anyone of any class can listen to music by using the internet, going to a concert, or tuning into a radio station; nevertheless, 300 years ago was a different story. Not only did the lack of technology keep people from listing to the radio or internet, commoners did lacked the money to support a concert. Any trained musician would only play for those who were rich enough to afford it. Because of this music was limited because the rich controlled it; however, with the dawning Baroque period music was about to change. Baroque ...view middle of the document...

At Mozart’s death in 1791, the world lost one of the greatest musicians who had ever lived. He was buried in a commoners grave in Venice not an aristocrats. Mozart throughout his life disregarded playing for the rich and composed music from his heart not at the command of some king. This altruistic approach to composing provided music for those less fortunate.
With musicians no longer abiding to the wishes of aristocrats, music rapidly expanded. The orchestra rapidly took a new shape with full sections for reeds, horns, drums, and strings. Also with the invention of the piano in 1655, the harpsichord became irrelevant. Unlike the harpsichord, the piano could produce notes at different volumes and could hold notes over long periods of time. However, changes in music also occurred in the songs. The creating of new techniques like counterpointing were “A combination of two or more melodies that are played together.” became popular Baroque music. This technique can be seen in Beethoven’s Symphony No.5. Another popular technique is ornamentation, this is were multiple melodies are combined to make one sound. Mozart executed this technique in Piano Concerto No.22 in E-Flat. Because of these new addition to music, composers like Beethoven and Mozart were free to compose new music which would live on even into todays society.
With the coming of the digital age came new forms of music. Most artists today use digital enhancements, recording software, and computer generated sounds to create their music. However, even today musicians use the techniques of the classical composers. The band Needtobreathe in 2007 released the song More Time. As an instant sensation More Time quickly gained recognition on the charts. ...

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