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In the 16th century, only a few Europeans were able to read and write. However, by 1500, more people became literate due to the increased number of printed material that was presented to them. Italy and England were some of the places that were greatly influenced by the renaissance. Music is one area that greatly improved during those years as the Italians took the Trecento Madrigal music. While in England, they used the Elizabethan Madrigal form of music. These two traditions greatly related to each other in many ways.
The madrigal was a secular music composition that was discovered during the Renaissance and Baroque years (Adorno 19). They originated in Italy around 1520 and were ...view middle of the document...

William Byrd is one composer who used the madrigal form of music (Janet, 36). However, he at one point wrote secular music, and then later on went back to writing sacred music. What is evident is that both England and Italian composers at some point had out the secular music before they went back to the sacred music that became more accepted by the community.
They both shared musical aesthetics that used cosmological and mathematical dimensions to add into their music. Music slowly transformed into something that was enjoyable and relaxing to the ear. The aesthetics used beauty and enjoyment to capture the listener by putting more expressions and emotions in their songs. People who contribute greatly to this include Roger Scruton, Peter Kivy, and Stephen Davies. Since the music is seen to affect the intellect, psychology, and emotions. Many more musician, and composers in Italy and England used it as a means to spread their messages.
As time went on by, the musicians took up to using the keyboard in England and Italy. These made their music sound much better and pleasant to the ear. Compositions created in a way that they could play the keyboard without, and words are accompanying it, just to set a relaxing mode. More instruments began being used in the music, and this helped in making their songs more popular. The violin is also one of the instruments that were also used and when used for compositions that involved both the keyboard and the violin, the composers discovered that the music sounded much pleasant (David 33). However, the idea of using these musical instruments first started in the Italy and gradually spread to the rest of Europe. The Roman catholic helped composers of the Italian...

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