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Mitch Lucker says, “Keep listening to music, it gets you through everything, I promise.” When it comes to studying he’s right. Over the course of the semester I’ve kept a journal of every time I studied or did homework, and what I found was that the most common variable was music. The more I listened the more of my work I could get done and comprehend which helped to improve my grades tremendously. For many complete silence is required to concentrates but Studies such as Effects on Reading Comprehension of Preferred Music and Frequency of Studying to Music reflect that frequently listening to music while studying improves reading comprehension and memorization. The hypothesis that was ...view middle of the document...

Why can’t I focus? Tried reading a passage, found a dust bunny instead. Studying is useless right now.” Reflect that in the absence of music my mind drifts to the irrelevant. Throughout the semester my journal has lead me to believe that I must consciously want to play music while I’m studying otherwise I will become distracted and procrastinate. Mike rose states, “People don’t proceed through problem situations, in or out of a laboratory without some set of internalized instructions to the self.” Much like we need to tell ourselves to eat when we are hungry, I must tell myself to play music when I study.
Further analysis of my journal presents data that suggests that by playing music I am blocking outside distractions. A study by the Department of Psychology at the University College London, UK suggests that music works to block that noises that would otherwise distract students and aids to increase focus and understanding. Which became apparent as I studied, I noticed how often I would procrastinate using the simple noises around me such as the pecking sounds made from the computer labs, or the wind blowing in the square. By playing music I am drowning out these sounds and making it easier for me to study and stay focused, much like the experiment. Doing this allows for me to enter a place Stephen King calls a “Far-seeing place”, a place where I can escape and see things such as the answers to the confusing math problems I’ve been assigned or concepts of my Ecology and Diversity class. Reviewing my journal uncovers entries that provides proof of this theory. For instance, “February 26: now I play music as soon as I sit down to study. Helps to distract me. Almost creates an escape like reading. Not procrastinating as much. Comm. Midterm tomorrow. Feeling prepared.” Concludes that the music is helping to block the noises that would distract me and aid to create a place where I can focus.
In addition to improving my focus and blocking out distracting noise, playing music has assisted in improving my grades. Once I evaluated the impact music had on my studying habits and used the knowledge, I was able to increase my ability to retain the information for each class. The use of music aided in improving my memorization skills, much like what was explained in an article addressing the use of music when learning a new...

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